Monday, June 28, 2010

In Which I Implement Theme Days In An Attempt To Make Connor Hate Everything

I had a great play-day today!

Joanna came over around 11:00 in the morning, and off I went!  First I went over to the Puyallup library.  I've decided to start doing some "theme weeks" with Connor so he'll keep learning over the summer, and the library has these wonderful themed activity boxes available for checkout.  They contain puppets, props, activity guides, and of course, books-- all centered around one particular theme.  I chose "Ocean" for this week, and have all sorts of fun stuff planned for Connor!  We're going to take a field trip to an aquarium and a beach, I'm going to do fish prints and a water/sand table with him, we're going to dig for shells-- all sorts of wonderful sensory activities.  So from Connor's point of view, basically I'm going to make him touch a whole bunch of horrible ocean-related stuff, thus ensuring that he will hate the ocean forever.  Then next week I'm going to make him hate farm animals! 

I'm such a nice mom.

Anyway, after the library trip I met up with a friend for lunch, and we went thrift store shopping.  I ended up buying a really cute clutch and some crafting supplies.  After that I went to (surprise!) a bookstore and a coffee shop.  I picked up some tasty sushi for dinner on the way home.

All-in-all, it was a great day!



Anonymous said...

That does sound like a wonderful day! I need to come up with some ideas to entertain Things I and II this summer....

-j o'c

Kristina said...

I hadn't thought of the theme kits at the library for summer learning - what a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to visit our library this week to see what they have.

And, I think I have to look into respite care. Not sure how we get signed up for it, but it definitely sounds like a blessing to have it!

Julia said...

Ooooh, theme kits! Our library doesn't have anything like that (although it's quite a nice one for such a small town). Sounds like great stuff -- the sort of thing my mother used to do in the classroom. I bet there's a book out there about making theme kits. If so, you could put it in a box with a bunch of other stuff and make a theme kit about theme kits -- you could make a whole infinite regression here, assuming you had the time. (Sorry -- my mathematician side creeps in sometimes.)

leah said...

What a great day! Our library has similar "activity boxes," and I love them. We're getting ready for a trip to California, so I am going to look for some airplane/beach/travel themes.

Here's to summer learning!

gloria said...

That's lovely... Now how about some Connor pics?

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