Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Which Nothing Much Happens

Today was another gorgeous day! 

We took our friends to the airport this morning and then settled in for a thoroughly lazy day.  Connor usually needs one of those after we have anyone visit, and Jer's feet weren't feeling so hot after all of that hiking he did yesterday.  I have no legitimate excuses for not doing anything today, but I figured I'd join them out of a sense of solidarity.  Ah, the sacrifices we make for family.

Since Jeremy was sticking close to home all day and didn't mind watching Connor, I had some free time.  I had a gift card for a local massage therapy place, and I decided that today would be the perfect day to use it.  So I went and had a two hour massage.  Bliss!

Then I came home and decided to play around with some clay.  I decided to try making something big with an armature, which I've never done before.  It was pretty interesting, and I ended up losing track of time.  I worked for a couple of hours and roughed out the skeleton of a dragon, um, chicken or something to play with later.  I am not by any means a sculptor. 

At any rate, I'll keep working on it and see where it goes!


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