Monday, June 7, 2010

In Which Connor Is A Starveling

Poor Connor. 

Last night around ten o'clock he threw up, and so I went in and turned down his feed.  At least I thought I'd turned it down-- I'd actually turned it off.  So at about four in the morning he woke up with an empty tummy and refused to go back to sleep.  Like an idiot, I didn't check his pump even though he kept signing "eat, eat!" so I tried everything else that it could possibly be (Maybe his diaper's wet-- no.  Maybe he's cold-- no.  Well, he can't possibly he hungry...) before discovering at around 7:00 that he had in fact not gotten any of his night feed and was now starving.  Feeling horribly guilty, I turned his pump on and he immediately fell back asleep, and I got him up just in time to put him into clothes and take him to school, where he was extremely crabby and tired. 

Not one of my best parenting moments.

He came home after school and took a three hour nap.  Then he refused to go to bed tonight until almost nine.  Joy of joys. 

The good thing that happened today was that we got our home study visit scheduled!  The social worker will be visiting our home in a couple of weeks, and she'll be spending three-to-four hours talking with us and viewing our house.  I'm excited and really nervous all at the same time, but hopefully things will go smoothly and we'll be one step closer to bringing Sylvie home!



Christy said...

So sorry about your rough night/day. Hope today is better. Good luck with the home visit. Just relax - it's not nearly as bad as what you hear. ;) Thinking of you!

leah said...

Here's to a better (and less hungry/crabby) day today! You'll do great with the home study- that is a big item to check off the "Bring Sylvie Home" list!

Anonymous said...

We all have our Parenting All-Star Moments!

I simply cannot imagine a better family to adopt this little girl. I think that when the study is over, the person who visited you will turn cartwheels across your lawn, throw confetti, light sparklers and laugh with joy over having found you. Your family will become gold standard to which he or she holds every other family, the one that s/he talks about for years to come! NO ONE could provide a better home for this little girl.


-j o'c

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

We have had some really great moments with our daughters pump too. You are not alone. Who can think clearly at 4am?

I have no doubt the home study will go well and you will be one step closer to your little girl!


xraevision said...

Take a deep breath about the home study, really! It can be a nerve racking experience, but you are already incredible parents to a very special boy and have most of the answers to the questions you will be asked on the tip of your tongue.

G and I endured a home study before we had our son. We even chose our social worker and it was NOT a good experience. Imagine having to decide which physical and psychological issues you could deal with as new parents before you even look at children's profiles! Would we chose to parent a deaf child? Yes, we would now that we have experience with one, but saying no to this or anything else didn't help our case for wanting to be parents! It can be a judgmental system, but you will win them over right away. This home study is just a necessary formality for you!

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