Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Which Nothing Much Happens

The end of Connor's first year of school is almost here! 

I can't believe it went by so quickly-- seems like just yesterday I was dropping him off for the first time.  But here we are, a scant two weeks away from the end of the school year.  And okay, I'll admit it-- I'm totally going to miss him being in school.  Not only does he really enjoy it, but I get almost three solid hours to myself.  It's going to be very odd not having those any more; I've really come to look forward to them because they give me some much needed break time.

Oh well.  I'm sure summer will fly by and then I'll be lamenting having to send him off again.

I talked with the nurse with the neurology department again today.  She said that she'd talked with the doctors on staff (she called them the "hallway team") and we are now maxed out on Connor's current meds for his weight.  We're not sure exactly what our options will be at this point, but we've been told to expect a call from Connor's neurologist tomorrow and he'll talk to us a bit more about possible treatment.

I'm not sure what they'll try next; we'll just have to see!



Julia O'C said...

Both of my kids schools let out last week. I'm now in the 3rd stage of grieving (Bargaining), having quickly moved through the Denial and Anger stages. Next up: Depression. Then finally...Acceptance. Or maybe Vodka.

Please continue to keep us posted on any news about Connor and his seizures.

gloria said...

Oh wow. I've been without internet for two weeks and I was REALLY hoping that by the time I checked back in, we'd have good news about Connor's seizures. I hope the neurologist has a few options for you.

(Totally understand about the break. I went to the gym this week, JUST to leave Elayna in childcare so I could get a break!)

Ashley's Mom said...

What seizure meds is Connor on?

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