Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Which I Am Very Very Very Very Tired

My Hopeful Parents article for the month is up over here.

Connor did not have a lot of fun last night, I'm afraid.

He spent a good portion of it crying and throwing up; it was probably the worst night he's had in over a year.  He and I both didn't get more than about five hours of consecutive sleep.  While we're not sure exactly what made him so uncomfortable he seemed to be having some tummy cramps, so we speculated that something he ate didn't agree with him.  At any rate, he apparently slept in until about ten this morning, when Joanna finally dragged his unwilling little self out of bed.  I wasn't there to witness it, because Jeremy and I left at 8:00 for an adoption training seminar.  No sleeping in for me, dang it.

Oh well.  He seems to be having a much better night thus far, so hopefully we'll both get some much-needed sleep! 

I probably could have taken a nap after we got back from our seminar, but I don't really nap very well.  If I'm not able to sleep for at least four hours I wake up even groggier and more tired than I was before.  So instead of going to sleep, I helped Jake dig out and level the rest of the area the new deck is going to be in.  We also set the first beams in position, as you can see-- these are basically the main supports for the underside of the deck that the jousts will run across.  The second support is sitting in what used to be a raised flower bed, so you can imagine the size of our dirt pile right now!  Next week we should be getting the rest of the corner pylons set and the framework laid out; things are moving right along!  I got to use the sledge hammer and also a nail gun today, which might not have been the best of ideas in my slightly delirious state, but I managed without serious bodily injury.

If I was looking around for a job right now, that would definitely go in my resume because with my hand-eye coordination it's a pretty major achievement.  You know, probably under the "what are your strengths" question that so many of those applications ask.  Something like "Hasn't Managed To Put Anyone's Eye Out With A Power Tool Yet" would probably work.


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