Monday, September 20, 2010

In Which Connor Discovers A New Game And I Am Not Thrilled About It

Today Connor was thoroughly on the mend; his temperature was back to normal and he was feeling much better, which I am very thankful for.  Provided he's still feeling pretty good tomorrow I should be sending him back to school-- and just in time too, because he spent most of the day horribly bored.  He was still too physically worn out to be playing the kind of games we usually do, so instead he had some (extremely rare in our household) TV time with a couple of Fraggle Rock episodes.  I also read him a couple of stories, set him up with his drums, etc.  However, he didn't really want to do any of that stuff.  What he really wanted to do was demonstrate his new brand new exciting skill.

Despite him having to figure out how to isolate two fingers to do this activity, I am not really thrilled about his new fun habit.

Connor seems to go through phases where he has to find one particular noise or gesture that will drive me absolutely crazy, and then make it his favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.  For a while he ground his teeth.  Then he blew spit bubbles.  After that it was that thing where he'd pull all his sleeves out of shape, and then he learned how to blow raspberries.  Well, today Connor discovered that he can put two fingers up his nose!  You can imagine how overjoyed I am by this.  He puts one up each nostril and then breathes through his mouth.  Loudly.  It's apparently fascinating.  I'm really hoping that he'll have forgotten about it by tomorrow (though he can keep the whole isolating two fingers thing) but I suspect that this is going to become his new habit. 

At least he's figured this one out here at home instead of in some public area-- and I'm hoping to keep this habit out of the public eye if I can't break him of it entirely.  He learned how to put one finger up his nose several years ago in the middle pf the Department of Motor Vehicles office.  I thought everyone was staring at him on my lap because he was a cute baby.  Whoops.

So that's why you get no picture today; this is not a memory I particularly want to capture on film.  Oh well.  We're already that family, so people are going to stare at us in the grocery store anyway.  We might as well provide them with a good reason.  I just wish it was a reason that was slightly more . . . sanitary.

Guess I'll be stocking up on tissues.



gloria said...

The little guy can't help but be cute. It's a funny story you can tell later! Hope he's back to himself in no time. Miss you guys. Later!

Julia said...

Well, the good (?) thing is that every third toddler in the DMV probably had at least one finger up a nose (presumably his or her own), too, so Connor was in good company. And I'm sure his new trick is all the latest rage, too -- there's something about that cavernous cavity up there that just begs to be explored digitally, the siren song for preschoolers everywhere. I'm glad to hear he was feeling well enough to be bored!

Kirsty said...

I totally want a picture! Maybe you can demonstrate that they fit in his ears too, for a slightly more socially acceptable variation? Jonathan is learning to spit. I did, of course, start this, with toothpaste. Now his new game is to get a mouthful of water and spit it and the window screens to see the pattern it makes. At least that will be hard to duplicate at the DMV, but it does make me wonder what he does at school.

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