Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Which We Have A Mostly Quiet Day

Today it was back to drizzly, gray weather, so we spent most of our time quietly indoors.  I decided today was the perfect day to put together a project I'd been planning for a few weeks.  I've been wanting some artwork for the end of our laundry room wall next to our mudroom bench, and I've been in the mood for something a little whimsical.  So I started buying prints on Etsy-- most of them under ten dollars-- that all had to do with Little Red Riding Hood, or at least with girls in red cloaks.  Today I framed all of them with frames I either already had or purchased on sale from our local arts and crafts place, and hung them up on the wall.  I still need one more (possibly a doll or ornament-- you can see the space for it) to round things out and I plan to find a wolf portrait to hang on the adjoining wall, but otherwise I think it looks pretty good!

Oh, and of course I have books in my laundry room.  Doesn't everybody?

This is a major achievement for me, by the way, because I can't hang a picture level to save my life.  Hanging these took me a ridiculous amount of time, and they still aren't perfectly level but they're far better than what my usual hanging jobs look like.  I've tried enough tricks and hints by now to know that my ability to hang a picture crooked despite meticulous planning is an ingrained part of my personality and no amount of measuring, remeasuring, marking and leveling is going to correct it.  Oh well.  I think it will still look cute when I'm finished.

Connor had a pretty quiet day today too, though he did have about a 45 second seizure this evening.  I think the new medication is starting to have an effect; he didn't stop breathing at all.  He got a little blue around the mouth before we put him on oxygen, but his color came back nicely as soon as the cannula was in and he didn't have any problems after it was over.  We went ahead and gave him a single dose of Ativan, so we shouldn't see any more seizures for a while. 

Otherwise he spent most of the day critiquing my picture hanging efforts, singing little songs to himself while he played with toys, or hanging out with Jeremy, who goes back to work tomorrow after having taken a couple of weeks off.  It's been really nice getting the chance to relax with him, and he still has a lot of vacation saved up so we can do it again some time soon! 



Rita said...

I love your picture wall...especially the theme! How creative!! You should paint all the frames black (or whatever color you like) to tie them all together.

Jess said...

Thanks, Rita!

The frames are already all black-- it's just the light reflecting off the frames that makes some of them look gray. A photographer I am not! I've taken it a step further--all the frames in our house are black which makes it easy to change around our artwork and add new pieces.

TC said...

Gotta ask...WHY Little Red Riding Hood? Is there a backstory?

Jess said...

I got my degree in English, and so I did a lot of research into fairy tales and wrote quite a few papers about them, including one or two about Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Cap, La Finta Nonna, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Caperucita Roja or whatever you want to call her.

There are some pretty fascinating theories about the tale's origin, history and symbolism floating around out there, and most of them have very little to do with children. So I wanted to showcase some of the different interpretations of the red-caped girl; innocent, sinister, etc.

And I just like the prints.

Rita said...

Ok, now I'm going to have to do a little research myself! You have me curious about Little Red. Oh, and I also have books ALL over my lamps sitting on them..all the ones with red covers together on my shelf for some color, etc. I loan books to friends, I donate them to the library and still they keep multiplying!! lol

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