Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Which Connor Shops Reluctantly, And We Make An Unusual Find

It was raining today but I was feeling cooped up and really wanted to get out of the house, so after Connor was finished with school and Quiet Time I loaded him in the van and we took off for the antique mall.  I absolutely love the antique mall because there are so many fun things to look at, and it's a rare occasion when I don't walk out with at least one find. 

Connor, however, was not particularly thrilled with our outing.  Connor was convinced that going to the antique mall was the Worst Idea Ever.  You can see just how thrilled he is to be there.

He's still in a funk from the previous week, though I think he's just showing us the attitude at home as I haven't received any reports of it from school.  Kids always seem to save those special moods for their parents, right?  At any rate, he spent the entire time with a variation of the Pouty Face or the Angry Face on.  He signed "Bye bye" to every single person we passed in the store. 

The women who work at the antique mall know Connor and me pretty well by now-- we've been coming in there for over three years.  They all think Connor is absolutely adorable, and coo over him every time he comes in, which he normally eats up.  Today he waved "Please bye bye" to them and went back to pouting.  At least he was polite about it.

We also ran into a woman who had been a special education teacher for many years, and knew sign language.  Of course she fell under Connor's spell too, found the store cat for Connor, and brought him over for the little guy to see. 

Connor waved "Please bye bye" to the cat.

So my antique store outing didn't last as long as I'd expected it to because the little guy was asking very nicely to leave, and I like to reward that sort of behavior.  I would much rather see "Please bye bye" than hear a whole lot of ear-piercing shrieking, which is what he usually resorts to if we're somewhere he doesn't want to be and I don't leave immediately. 

As a result I didn't end up picking up anything this time, but I did see an interesting wall hanging leaning on a little hutch in a country-style booth.  This was a booth filled with tea cups, scented soap, teddy bears in overalls, lace doilies and wooden chickens-- the kind you'd picture a sweet little old lady selling.  The wall hanging was labeled "Leaf Picture" and was leaning against a shelf along with a bunch of other frames filled with pressed leaves and flowers-- violets, roses, oak leaf arrangements, daisies and the like.

So if anyone was wondering, apparently $11.50 is the going rate for "Leaf Pictures" these days.  At least when they're sold by little old ladies in antique malls.



Cathy said...

Verrry interesting leaves. $11.50 you say? Did you have to have prescription to buy that leaf wall hanging????

I don't think they would go well with the owls though.

Isn't amazing what little old ladies can get away with?

Julia O'C said...

*"Please, bye-bye" is probably one of the cutest things ever. I would have a hard time ignoring such a polite request, too.

*Oh, I could do a lot of damage in that antique mall. Or at least kill a lot of time. Unfortunately, Emmett could also do a lot of damage in that antique mall. Sigh

*I must have crappy taste I guess because I kind of like the leaf art. Maybe Violet can make me something similar!

MFA Mama said...

Leaf. Picture.

Well I never.

At first I thought it had to be Japanese Maple leaves. So I clicked to embiggen.

Not Japanese Maple leaves.

Oh my!

Connor's pouty face is adorable :)

Julia O'C said...

I'm feeling pretty stupid right about now.

I should have caught on when Cathy made the prescription comment. I just thought they were pretty leaves!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Made by your great aunty Mary Jane ;D

Jess said...

Julia, don't feel stupid. I would have absolutely no idea what these were either except for the fact that they have a Hemp Fest up here, so for a good month leading up to it you see images of Leaf Pictures all over the place.

I skipped the experimental phases of both high school and college, and I'm sure as heck not going to start now. In addition to having an overdeveloped sense of morality that prevents me from doing anything illegal, Connor's medical conditions can strike at any time and I have no desire to be THAT MOM at the ER.

So anyway, it's no big deal. But you should probably refrain from having Violet make Leaf Pictures. I'm pretty sure the Feds frown on that sort of thing.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Well, apparently I live under a rock because I just thought they were regular old leaves. Clearly, I need to watch more cop shows or something!

I love Connor's pouty face and his polite "please bye-bye". He is just adorable and cracks me up!

Jess said...

Yeah MFA Mama they're really close.

But I'm with you. NOT Japanese Maple leaves.

gloria said...

That's hilarious. Still kinda pretty. If it wasn't something, oh I don't know, illegal, I'd want one.

Cathy said...

Well, I imagine that if you actually use Japanese Maple leaves for your Leaf Pictures, they would turn out very pretty.
If it quits dumping rain, you might even get some in pretty fall colors.

krlr said...

I am so very mortified that the "leaves" didn't click till now. Clearly I need to get out more! I once filled an outside planter for an office I was at w/various green stuff, including a small Japanese maple, which was promptly ripped out the next weekend. Apparently even the bad guys get confused.

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