Friday, September 3, 2010

In Which Connor Gets A New Wardrobe

Today I discovered why I've had to do laundry so often for Connor in recent weeks.

The little guy has been growing like a weed, and he's finally on the cusp of needing 4T clothes, which is a landmark event in this household.  This is the first time that Connor has worn the same size clothes that other kids his age are wearing.  Ever. 

I'm still kind of in shock about it, actually. 

Since Connor is moving up a size, I decided it was time to clean his closet out, as he still had a lot of 18-24 month clothes in there.  I pulled out everything that wasn't a 3T or 4T, and suddenly my weird laundry schedule made a heck of a lot more sense.  By the time I was finished a mountain of discarded clothing lay on the bed, waiting to go to Goodwill.  The clothing I didn't cull from the closet huddled in a pathetic little clump in the center of the closet, surrounded by a sea of empty hangers. 

Connor had a grand total of three pairs of pants in his current size-- counting the ones he was wearing.  He had eight short sleeve shirts, four light-weight long sleeve shirts, and no winter gear other than the single sweater and jacket I'd purchased him just before school started.  And keep in mind the kid normally drools a lot, so we go through two or three shirt changes on a good day.  With the crisp weather we've had recently, he's been in his long sleeve gear.  No wonder I kept having to throw stuff in the washing machine!  All of the clothing with the exception of the jacket, sweater, one short sleeve shirt and one pair of jeans (he's wearing the shirt and jeans in this picture) was 3T, so at the rate the kid's been growing he was going to be naked in about three weeks. 

Laundry is my least favorite chore.  This problem had to be corrected immediately.

So after Connor came home from school and had his "zen time" (what we call nap time now that he doesn't use it to nap) Jeremy and I loaded him in the car and took off for the mall to buy the little guy a new wardrobe.  All the Back-To-School sales were going on, so it was a good time to stock up.  We ended up walking out with two pairs of long pants, a pair of sweats, four long sleeve shirts and a winter hat.  I still need to pick up a sweater or two for him, but I'll go to a thrift store for that as sweaters in the stores tend to be fifteen to twenty bucks even with the sales, and that's the equivalent of about forty bucks a yard for fabric.  I can't justify paying that kind of money for a sweater that's going to be covered in Pediasure on a regular basis, even if it does have a cool robot or dinosaur embroidered on it or something.

At any rate, everybody walked out happy: Connor because he got a shirt with dinosaurs on it, Jeremy because the shopping trip was extremely short, and me because I will be able to quit doing laundry for Connor every single day, like I've been doing for the past few weeks. 

I'd say that's a pretty successful outing!



Kristin said...

I'm not sure if you've looked before but, The Children's Place is constantly having sales and occasionally most sale items are $5, including sweaters. I have them send me emails so I can keep an eye on their sales. Last year I got Josh 4 sweaters for $20 and they are heavy weight sweaters. hope this helps.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That's great that Connor has grown, and is even wearing the same size as most kids his age! My girl is almost 7 and has been in size 4T for almost three years!

xraevision said...

Way to go, Connor, for catching up! He has been looking quite mature in the recent photos, but the new hair cut may be contributing to that.

My son has finally hit the tenth percentile for his age, but at least he's growing with the curve. I never know when he's going to have a sudden growth spurt, so we have the next size already in the closet. He just turned three, so maybe by the end of the winter, he'll need those 3T pants. If only he had my appetite!

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