Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Which Connor Loves The Box

So my child has, sitting untouched in his room, several hundred dollars worth of developmental toys.  He has around 300 books.  He has a rocking horse, a race car track and a tricycle.  He has a swing suspended from his bedroom ceiling, for Pete's sake.

Guess what he wants to play with?

Yes, that's right.  The Box.  I'm relatively convinced that this is some sort of universal principle and that every child between the ages of two and eight-- regardless of their life circumstances-- believes that The Box represents the pinnacle of all things that are fun and will prefer it to any other source of amusement.  Toy manufacturers have been trying to recreate the essence of that recycled cardboard goodness for years and have never quite managed it. 

We are never in short supply of The Box around here because Connor's g-tube supplies arrive every month neatly packaged in four large brown cartons made out of 100% pure hilarious entertainment.  Connor used to be only marginally interested in The Box, but all of the sudden his eyes were opened to the wonders contained within and he couldn't get enough of it.  Now for a large portion of the afternoon on delivery day, this is what you'll see in our household:

That little finger-curling hand motion you see him make with his right hand each time before The Box descends upon his head is his sign for "want," by the way.  Connor must have worried that the ear-piercing shrieks of excitement weren't going to tip us off. 

So until I take out the recycling, all of those toys, games and developmental activities can stay in Connor's room.  Right now The Box is here, and Connor is over the moon about it.

I'll do anything for a chance to hear that little squeaky bicycle-wheel laugh.



Jennifer said...

That's the Best! Video! Ever! His laugh is contagious!

Mary said...

Love, love, love.

krlr said...

One of my very favorite books is Little Boy by Alison McGhee. It's about a boy (obviously) and his big cardboard box & their various adventures. I can almost quote it verbatim but will spare you...

Also - video link not working? Guess I'm in the minority? @#$%^& servers @ work.

Jess said...

Darn it, krlr! I'm not seeing any issues with it on my end. Guess your work servers decided that "Connor And The Box" might contain some illicit content or something.

Gotta love filters.

And I love Little Boy. Connor has it. I may have to pull it out for our bedtime story tonight!

xraevision said...

My greatest toy memory from childhood is finding a discarded refrigerator box near my neighbor's curb one garbage day. My friend and I hauled that thing inside and created The Best Clubhouse Ever, complete with wallpaper and shag carpet. We played in it until it was completely dilapidated and cried our 9 year old eyes out when it was carried back to the curb.

And just two days ago, after some serious cleaning, I came downstairs with a slightly dusty cardboard box containing a few broken plastic cassette tape cases. As soon as I set it by the mudroom door, X found this treasure and he played with it for a weirdly long time.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love it! I love the way he laughs when Jeremy taps on the box!

And my kids are box-fiends too. You're right. It's universal. ;D

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Love that video! What a cutie! He is just trying to make your life easier. You just need to fold laundry and keep a supply of empty boxes on hand. Piece of cake!

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