Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Which We Have A Pretty Awesome Day

Okay, roller derby is officially awesome.  Not that I hadn't told you that already.  But after today it's, you know, even more awesome.

I had my first day of the Dockyard Derby Dames Bootcamp this evening, and I had a fantastic time!  And I didn't break my legs or knock my teeth out or anything!  All of the women I met were absolutely amazing no matter what their skill level.  I even found a girl who lives in my neighborhood so I can carpool!

The skill levels ranged from incredible skating veterans with killer moves to somewhere around where I am (at day five of skating).  We did a lot of drills, including falling, duck-walking, stopping (which I'm definitely still working on), and a lot of skating around the track. 

I was really nervous today anticipating how things would go this evening, but I'm so glad I scraped up the courage and decided to do this.  I'm having a blast, meeting some wonderful people, and on my way to being a derby girl! 

Connor also had a great day today!  School went really well for him; he was back to his usual giggly, happy self.  I talked with the neurologist today about the crazy seizures of yesterday and Monday.  He said that it sounds like maybe the Lamictal is changing the path in the brain that the seizures take.  We'll see what happens as we continue to increase it; hopefully the seizures will start tapering off.  If he starts having more of them after his next dose increase, than we'll go get his levels checked and see what's going on in there. 

At any rate, it was a great day for everybody!



Anonymous said...

That's great if the surzers are not in the brainstorm anymore.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So glad that Connor had a great day! The roller derby camp sounds fantastic! It's great that you are having a blast doing this and meeting some great people. Can I just say that I am totally impressed with your practice runs? If I fell once, that would be it for me because I am a big baby! It is obvious that I am not cut out for the Roller Derby - but it is clear that you are!

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