Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Which Connor Has A Sad Day And Is Growing Way Too Fast

Both cats are sitting on my lap right now, and Cricket is washing Loki's ears.  This can only end poorly.

Connor was kind of a sadkin today for some reason; I'm not sure exactly why.  He didn't have any seizures or anything; he just seemed to be kind of down in the dumps.  After we did his stander time today he actually had a little meltdown, and then he curled up on me and went to sleep.  I ended up taking a bit of a nap too.  Then he crashed hard when it was bedtime.  It could be that he's still recovering from being sick, and that's why he's sleeping so much.  Or maybe he's going through another growth spurt.  Who knows?

He's definitely grown by leaps and bounds in the past few months; he's actually on the growth chart for both height and weight for the first time ever!  He's in the 11th percentile for weight, and the 1.4 percentile for height.  Connor's g-tube has made such a difference since he had his surgery two years ago; he's more than proportionate now.  And he's got two more loose teeth, to boot.  I just can't believe how fast he's growing.  Can you believe he'll be six years old in April? 

It just doesn't seem possible.  I need to tie a brick to that kid's head or something.

And now as expected, the cats have decided to wrestle in my lap.  I am not thrilled by this development.  I'm trying to suggest they try play-fighting on the floor instead, but they keep flashing all these pointy bits at me when I try and push them off.  Glorious. 

Crazy cats.



Anonymous said...

The joy of cats!

Anonymous said...

Do you think his muscles could be sore from all the stretching? I know that sometimes after I work out hard for a few days in a row, I feel a little stiff and "off."

dlefler said...

I hope Connor feels better soon! On a side note, could it be teething? I know it sounds weird, but my older son started getting in his six year old molars and was crying/whining/not feeling good. We couldn't figure it out until we realized he was growing new teeth in there. We never thought about teething with a six year old, lol!

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