Monday, January 16, 2012

In Which It Snows Some More And I Buy A Cat Bus

More snow today; we've got about two and a half inches on the ground now and we could apparently get six to ten more inches over the next two days.  No news yet on whether or not Connor's school will be closed tomorrow; they may be waiting to see just how much snow we get tonight before making the decision.  It was closed today because of the holiday, of course, and Jer was off of work too.  So we spent most of the day cozied up inside enjoying each other's company.  Oh, and cleaning of course.  I'll put this house completely to rights if it kills me.

I did manage to make it out of the house to find a new laundry bin; I've been wanting one with casters so I can just roll my laundry back and forth across the house.  The one I found has three bins and a mesh shelf underneath, which the cats immediately decided was a little hammock just for them.  Loki has been quite happily lying on it and allowing me to push him between the bedroom, where all the interesting people are, and the laundry room, where his food is.  Basically instead of getting a rolling laundry hamper I seem to have actually invented a cat bus.

A bus for cats, I mean.  Not this kind of cat bus.

But other than providing feline public transportation services today was relatively quiet, which was a nice change.  His impetigo has almost completely disappeared, and he was in a cracking good mood so he's obviously feeling a lot more comfortable.  He's actually starting to take interest in his toys again and show a bit more initiative, which is something we haven't seen in a while. 

It's great to see him feeling so much better!



Anonymous said...


Jennifer Jayhawk said...

LOL! I wanted to see a picture of the cat/laundry bus also :)

Julia O'C said...

Now I want to write a little song called (you guessed it): Cat Bus!

So happy to hear that your little man is feeling better. That is GREAT news!

Emthe said...

Geek girls unite! I'll be picturing a Totoro in your trees from now on.

Anonymous said...

Is that a pokemon?

xraevision said...

Totoro is one of X's favorite movies, and one of the few I actually like watching over and over again.

Love your cat stories. We also have two cheeky cats and I can imagine them taking to the rolling laundry cart immediately. Because it's all about them.

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