Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Which Connor Is Sick And We Resend Some Letters

So it seems my Internet is only going to cooperate before noon in fifteen minute intervals right now.  Expect erratic blogging until things settle back down to normal over here. 

Connor's potassium levels came back normal yesterday, thank goodness!  So that means he's probably got a GI bug.  He did a little bit better yesterday-- only three seizures-- but he's still throwing up all over the place so he stayed home from school again. It's just been one thing after another for the kid this winter.  He seems to be feeling better again this morning, so hopefully he'll be back in school tomorrow for the first time in over a week.    

We resent Ellen's Christmas and birthday letters to the translator; it looks like she might not have received them originally.  No wonder it's taken so long!  So I'll either combine Ellen's Christmas and birthday care packages or she'll get two in close proximity.  I'm putting together her February care package right now too (Conversation Hearts, anyone?) but I'll send it towards the end of February so we don't overwhelm her with mail.  Our adoption agency will be making their annual trip over some time in the next few months, which is always exciting!  Our dossier will have been over in Thailand a year in March, and the process for first approval seems to be taking between 18-24 months right now.  So the earliest we could expect to hear anything might be around September.  We'll just have to see how things go, but it would be fantastic to have her home before she turns fifteen!



dlefler said...

Oh, I hate GI bugs - I hope Connor just has a short-term virus and feels better SOON!

I really, really hope Ellen's paperwork goes through on the faster side of things - it would be really nice to get her home soon!

Julia O'C said...

How's the little man doing? Better, I hope.

Re: Ellen
I wish you could just GET THAT GIRL HOME ALREADY!!! :)

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