Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In Which Connor Is Better And I Spackle The Universe

I am the queen of spackle.

Connor woke up laughing this morning with no hint of fever and seemed to be fully over his bug, so I took him to school.  Then I went to our local hardware store and bought myself a drywall patching kit and a big ol' tub of spackle.

Guess what I did the entire time Connor was in school?

The wall in the area of the garage I'm converting is about twenty nine feet long, and I ended up using the entire tub of spackle on it.  In addition to the one giant hole where it looked like someone had gone through it with a 2x4, there were so many smaller holes, nicks and gouges that I think there might actually be more spackle than paint on the wall now.  Of course, I haven't even touched the orange peel texture peeling off of large swaths of the cement foundation.  I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do about that yet, but I'm pretty sure it's a problem no amount of spackle is going to fix.

Connor was trying to fall asleep in his chair on the way home, so I figured he'd go down quickly and while he was napping I could finish frosting the world's biggest cake in my garage (doesn't that stuff look just like royal icing?).  Once I put him down, though, he decided he wasn't sleepy after all.  So I ended up cutting my spackling short and bringing him out into the living room, where he promptly fell asleep on my lap.  Attempts to move him back to his room to finish his nap there proved fruitless, so instead we hung out for several hours on the couch while he happily snored away on my sweater.  Yeah, I probably should have put him down anyway because I don't want him to get into the habit of only napping on me, but you know I can't resist Connor when he's a snugglebunny.  I figure I should enjoy it while I can because it won't be too many more years before he won't fit on my lap anymore.  That'll be a sad day.

Despite his long nap, by bedtime Connor was falling asleep in his wheelchair once again.  He was out five minutes after we tucked him in.  He didn't have any seizures today though, and seemed to be in really good spirits most of the day.  I'm glad he's recovering!



Emthe said...

It's good to hear he's feeling better. I can picture you frosting your garage! It's going to look so good when you're done.

Marc said...

If you were Canadian I would say that someone used your back wall as a hockey net, but your not.

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