Sunday, January 8, 2012

In Which Connor Is Still Sick And I Play With Sidewalk Chalk

Connor continued to feel Not So Good today-- he was still running a fever and had six or seven little seizures.  He spent most of the day either curled up on the couch or snuggled up in Jer's lap.  I think his throat might be hurting again, because he had his fingers in his mouth pretty much all day and he was drooling a lot.  We think he might be working on losing another tooth too though, so it's hard to tell.  Either way he won't be in school tomorrow, though. 

Hopefully this is a simple bug and it will be done in a couple of days.  The last thing we need is another five week saga of Connor being sick.

We'd been planning to take the Christmas lights down today, but because since the little guy is feeling poorly we didn't have the chance to do it.  We couldn't take him outside, and it takes both of us to get them down since somebody needs to hold the ladder.  We did, however, get the Christmas tree taken down and the indoor decorations put away.  We moved the armchair back into place in the library and now whenever I walk by I do a double take because it looks weird.  I've gotten used to having the Christmas tree there, and I'm a little sad to see it go.

Jer got to play with power tools when he chopped it into pieces small enough for the garbage truck to manage though, so that was okay.

After we'd gotten the tree taken down and Jer went back to playing Watch The Sick Child Breathe, I swept the eight bajillion pine needles out of the garage and then spent a while playing with sidewalk chalk.  I wanted to figure out where the furniture would go in my craft space so I can figure out where to hang the shelves.  I've drawn it out on paper, but it's easier for me to see what the flow of the space will be if I actually mark everything out on the floor, and since the floor is concrete that's not a problem.  I drew all over the walls too for good measure, since we're painting them anyway. 

It was great to see how everything will be laid out, and after viewing the space I made some changes in how I'm going to arrange things.  Now I have to take down the old shelves and start the fun process of cleaning off the floors and walls.  They've got about ten years of grime on them-- I'm pretty sure generations upon generations of spiders have lived out their little spiderly lives in here completely unchallenged-- so I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but it needs to be done.  The sooner I get it cleaned up, the sooner I can start painting!

We'll see how much I get done tomorrow with the little guy home, though.  I'll probably spend most of the day as a human armchair. 

Oh well.  I sure hope he feels better soon.  It's never fun being sick!


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