Thursday, December 6, 2012

In Which All Of The Sudden It's Christmas

We put our Christmas tree up today!  A good friend brought his truck over, so we didn't have to try and strap the tree to the top of a car this time, which was very nice.

So Connor spent a good portion of the evening staring at the lights, when he wasn't protesting my musical choice for the event.  I was insisting we listen to Christmas music by Nat "King" Cole, and he demanded we listen to Les Misérables instead.  Because clearly we need more prostitutes dying of tuberculosis singing about their hallucinations to put us in the Christmas spirit about here. 

I vetoed his selection, so he pouted.  Oh well-- he got over it once I spent a few minutes blinking the lights on and off like his own personal disco to make him laugh.

It's looking a whole lot like Christmas around here!



Jennifer said...

Jess, I'm really not sure how long I have been following you, but it's been a LONG time. I know I've followed you since before Ellen was Ellen, but what I want to say now is this: You are in my thoughts SO much right now. Even while at work, suddenly I'll think about you and be SOOOOOO supercrazyexcited (yes, that is one word) about you, Jer and Ellen getting to meet so so so so soon!!! And then for her to come to her new home, and for her and Connor to meet!!! I know it's not going to be a big bowl of cherries - it's a long road ahead, but it's a NEW road ahead (a totally different one!) and I'm just SOOOOO excited for you!!

Um, yeah, so I hope you don't find that creepy. lol

Seriously, SO EXCITED!!!

gloria said...

Absolutely ditto everything Jennifer said. So excited for you guys. We miss you too. AND I'm with Connor on Les Mis. Sorry.

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