Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Which I Have A Few Points Of Note

I'm really, really tired as I've got some serious jet-lag, but here are some quick impressions that stood out today:

--I'm never complaining about Seattle traffic again.  Ever.  Also I'm glad to know that even though I'm jet-lagged, my reflexes are still good enough to jump out of the way of a moped speeding down the opposite way of traffic on the sidewalk.  Also the Child Adoption Board is less than ten miles away from the hotel and it could take us up to an hour to get there.  Wow.

--Bangkok somehow manages to be really polluted and really clean all at the same time.  It's got a permanent smoggy haze over it, and yet the streets are spotless.  Case in point-- I saw a sanitation woman fishing trash out of the individual slots of a street grate with a pair of chopsticks.  Now that's dedication to a job. 

--I still hate shopping, even if it's in another country and is way cooler and much cheaper than shopping at home would be.  Also I'm bad at it.  I spent nearly three hours at MBK, where I went to buy gift wrap, scissors and tape, and I walked out with a stuffed cat for Connor, some newspapers for my Thai class at home, a notebook, pen, and a bunch of bananas.  So now I have no gift wrap for tomorrow.  Hooray.  Of course, being seriously jet-lagged and running on four hours of sleep might have had something to do with it.  But the shopkeeper who sold me the stuffed cat gave me a 150 baht discount off the sticker price because I spoke Thai to him, so at least there's that.

And my brain is, um, done.  So I'm turning in now.  The big, big day is tomorrow.  Can't wait!



Anonymous said...

Yay! Good Luck Hi Ellen!

Jennifer said...

I was just thinking of you and SO GRATEFUL that you posted!!

It's a guarantee that I (to clarify, a perfect stranger) will be thinking of you so much tomorrow!! <3

Anonymous said...

very excited to see tommorrows posting.... well as in todays. hehehe. yay. Ellen is with you right now as i type. xxx

dlefler said...

I can't imagine the traffic there - yikes! I can't wait to see tomorrow's (today's?) post. I hope Ellen is adjusting well and that you have a lot of quiet time to get to know each other!!

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