Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In Which I Continue Preparing And The Cats Help

Five days and counting!

Connor had a quick little seizure today, but otherwise he was fine.  He hung out with me while I ran errands, got a much-needed massage and continued to check things off my list.  He seems to be taking our out-of-routine days pretty well.

The cats are not adjusting nearly as comfortably to me hauling stuff around, going through drawers and working on my packing.  Loki and Cricket are creatures of habit, and when I change stuff on them they react by trying to kill everything. 

At least I did laundry today, so Cricket had a place to relax when she ran out of juice after bolting around the house for half an hour with her pupils the size of marbles while I was trying to clean off the laundry room table.  Apparently she believes that my laundry isn't really finished unless it has a liberal coat of cat hair to provide the proper lived-in effect.  I'm just glad that I could provide such lovely turndown service for her.  I try to run a reputable establishment around here, though I draw the line at leaving mint-shaped catnip treats on her chosen pillow.

Crazy cat.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see they are happy "helping"

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