Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In Which The Countdown Continues

I spent today doing checking lots of little things off our list, like registering us in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program and checking in with the folks we know in Thailand to update them on our travel plans.  I also cleaned out the fridge and organized the pantry. 

Connor had a two minute long seizure at school today; he didn't need oxygen at all though, which was nice.  If he's going to have seizures I'd rather he get them out of the way before I leave.  No seizures allowed while we're gone! 

Otherwise he had a good day; he hung out with me while I organized my many, many containers of tea, did some standing, and played with one of his drawing apps on the iPad.  He was a bit disgruntled because we did a meet-and-greet this evening with a new respite care worker, who it turns out works full time in our doctor's office.  It's a small world!  She seems very nice and should be able to take our Sunday respite care time, which is great because I'd really rather not haul Connor down any more flights of stairs to get to Thai class.

I bought him some new pajamas the other day, and I just had to take a picture of him in them because he's adorable.  So here's a gratuitous picture of ridiculous cuteness, just for you!



Audrey said...

Love his outfit AND the picture he drew!!!

Emerald said...

Thanks for the cute :D

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