Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Which We Have A Long Day

Today was an incredibly hectic day.  We received Ellen's passport today, but we're still up in the air as far as whether or not we'll be able to leave before Christmas.  We spent nearly five hours at the hospital working on her medical paperwork, and we still won't have it done before her visa appointment.  So we're hoping to be able to do the visa interview first, rush to the hospital, pick up the rest of her medical paperwork and get her last two vaccinations, and then race back to the visa office to turn everything in. 

Then we just have to hope that we can rush her visa-- normally they like to have three business days to do everything.  Of course in our case because this corresponds with the Christmas holiday we would end up staying four extra days instead of just one.  So we're really hoping this works out, as not only would this mean four more days away from Connor, but also it would be very expensive.  And of course there's Jer's military clearance for travel we'd need to coordinate too.  So we're hoping to be able to avoid this if we can.

Poor Ellen had to have five vaccinations since we didn't have her latest shot records, along with a TB skin test.  They gave her three shots today, and they'll give her the last two on Thursday.  I'm really hoping we'll be able to get in and out of the hospital rather than spending another five hours there like we did today! 

Connor is apparently doing well; we haven't been able to Skype for a couple of days because the Internet is being touchy in the house, but we have been able to e-mail and it sounds like he's missing us but enjoying all the attention from his grandparents. 

Anyway, I'm exhausted-- I had to go out right after we got back from the hospital to find Ellen some nice clothes, and you all know how I feel about shopping.  So it's bed time now.  Hopefully the board meeting tomorrow will go well!



Anonymous said...

It does sound hectic but I'm getting from this post? That you've already started to reform your family with its newest member. You're all totally out of your comfort zones, but doing your best to get done what needs to be done. I'm so proud of ALL of you.

I hope that as I write this, everything has fallen into place and that you can return home on time. Miss you!

-Julia O'C

Sammie said...

I hope things work out so that you can leave as planned. Nothing like adding the drama of not knowing if you can pull this off. As excting as it is meeting your new daughter and spending time with her its got to be equally hard to be away from Conner.

Hopeing all the paperwork can get done quickly and that you can be on your way home soon. Meanwhile I'm sure your enjoying Thailand, even though Bangkok can be overwhelming with all of its traffic and crazy big city feeling.

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