Friday, December 7, 2012

In Which My Dreams Are Weird

So I woke up this morning to discover that I have a giant zit right in the exact center of my forehead.

This may be because of all the stress, or hormones, or because I've basically eaten my way through the entire chocolate aisle of the grocery store in the last week.  At any rate, this is not fair because I am thirty years old, for pete's sake, and apparently for me being an adult means I get to enjoy both gray hair and acne.  Basically it's like adolescence and old age are conducting an epic land war on my face. 


So of course my brain, which likes to throw out ridiculous scenarios, is now incorporating this into my dreams.  I took a short nap after I dropped off Connor at school this morning and dreamed that the DSDW board rejected our adoption request due to "mother's poor personal hygiene." 

My brain has been throwing out these sort of half-hysterical nocturnal scenarios for a while now, which is what it tends to do whenever I throw some sort of upcoming stressful or exciting event at it.  I then have to, in the dream, figure out a solution for whatever the ridiculous scenario is.  This is why, for example, I know exactly what I would do if I was being attacked by an angry monkey.*  This is apparently a possibility in Thailand, as my travel doctor specifically warned me about the diseases I could pick up from monkey bites. 

The funny thing is, they aren't nightmares.  There isn't generally a sense of urgency or danger around the whole "cancel the adoption due to lack of showering" or "imminent monkey mauling"-- instead my brain kind of freezes the frame, backtracks and works through various solutions until the dream comes out the best possible way-- with a successful adoption and/or no angry monkeys. 

I'm expecting I'll have some more odd dreams leading up to the adoption, as I don't think my stress level will exactly be going down over the next few days.  Maybe it's my mind's way of letting off some steam.  Oh well! 

I'm sure the real journey will be way more crazy and wonderful than anything my brain could ever cook up.


*The solution my brain found for the monkey problem was this: I would throw a banana at the slowest person within the monkey's line of vision and then run away.  Apparently my unconscious mind has a good sense of self-preservation and very loose morals.


Jennifer said...

Hahaha! (I KNOW - two comments in two days?!)

I love the answer to the monkey problem!

spherescamp said...

Now you also know, when in Thailand, always carry a banana. :)

Emerald said...

Your solution to the monkey problem makes me giggle. :D

Katie said...

Lol, shortly after we got our referral I had a dream that part of Thailand fell under London's jurisdiction, so we were no longer able to adopt him. Rather odd. Very glad it wasn't true.

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