Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Which We'll Be Having A Tropical Christmas

Well today was a rather frustrating day.

It looks like we'll be spending Christmas here in Thailand, as our stay will be extended by a few days as we work through some visa issues with Ellen.  Apparently since she went to a swimming competition in the USA last summer, she still has a valid visitor's visa.  So we need to turn in that visa before we can be issued her new one. 

We'll be turning in her old visa and passport early tomorrow morning, and then we should be issued her new visa on Wednesday afternoon.  So if all goes well we'll be flying out early on Thursday morning.

So we're changing our flights and extending our hotel stay.  We let our parents know so that they can also change their flights and change hotel and rental car reservations.  It's tough to be away from Connor this long, and it will be expensive to make all these last minute changes.  But we're absolutely not leaving without our girl, so we'll do what necessary to make it happen and get her home!

So after we turn in Ellen's old visa tomorrow morning, we'll basically be free until next Wednesday, as all of the rest of her paperwork is finished.  So I think we're going to take the opportunity to do a bit more sightseeing and maybe get out of Bangkok for a day trip or two.  We're going to go to a floating market tomorrow, which I think will be a lot of fun!  I think we're also going to try and see the Dusit zoo this weekend.  I'm not sure what else we'll get up to, but I think exploring this beautiful country will be a great way to take our minds off the fact that we won't be spending the holidays all together as a family.

Our daughter continues to amaze us with her brave spirit and her fiesty personality; already it seems like she's been part of our family forever.  She's weathered a lot of changes in a short time extremely well, and we're enjoying getting to know her likes and dislikes and learning everything we can about her.  Every day brings new revelations, and while we've all made a few mistakes with each other we're overall doing extremely well.  It's funny-- I didn't ever expect things to feel this easy.  I may look back on that sentence in a few months and laugh at myself, but right now that's really how it is. 

So glad she's our girl!



Anonymous said...

Can you meet up with Dorothy as i know is very keen to meet you. Her email address is...
Im sorry you had this complication. its one no other family have had before because its rare that a child has left the country as so few do the sports competitions. One the orphanage could not have realised was the case. I will let them know and remember for future children.
Sorry youll be stuck here for christmas. Hope its not terrible.
god bless. Nicola

Kristin said...

so glad things are starting off on such good footing! It'll make the challenges that do eventually pop up all the more easily dealt with since yall are forging such a healthy bond so early. super proud of all of yalls open hearts!!!

Robin said...

Congrats on Ellen joining your family! I know it's hard when you just want to get home and get settled. Enjoy your extra time in Thailand - I recommend a day trip to the ruins in Ayutthaya and also a day at Muang Boran (aka Ancient City). Muang Boran is a very relaxed and easy day - perfect for a break from the bustle of the city - I blogged about Muang Boran here, including info on how to get there:
Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Marc said...

Just do the same thing I had to do one year, I was deployed to Afghanistan for Christmas 2006 so when I got home the family welcomed me home with a Christmas in February.

Jennifer said...

Darn! I was hoping (as you were) that you could make it home for Christmas. Does that mean Jeremy needs a longer "permission to be away" thing? Is that going to be a big problem to get?

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