Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Which Connor Feels Under The Weather

Last night while I was out on my respite care break, Connor started throwing up. By this morning not only had he thrown up six times (that little tummy is NOT happy) but he is also sporting a killer runny nose. I do believe all that time spent in the hospitals around, well, sick people has rubbed off, and as a result I now have a miniature Snot Monster for a son. Dang it.

So Connor and I stayed home today. Here he is in his floor positioner watching Robin Hood: a treat for him since he isn't allowed to watch much TV. Note the giant exaggerated pouty face; I've been seeing that expression A LOT lately. He's having a hard time with this whole thing-- especially leaving Daddy at the hospital each night when we go home. He's started having little meltdowns when we go out to the car and leave Jer back in the room; when he sees me open the car door for us to leave he starts signing "daddy" frantically and his little face just crumples. It's really sad. Anyway, I think the huge changes in routine and the ensuing stress have probably done a number on his immune system, so I shouldn't be surprised that he's sick.

It's funny, but even though he's a total mouth-breather right now (poor little guy) and his tummy doesn't feel good, he's really excited about spending the day at home. He's been much more giggly and happy today, and he's eating really, really well. I guess being in all of the strange environments recently has been very hard for him. Maybe him getting sick will in some ways be a good thing, because it will give him a break from all of the travel.

As for me, well, I'm hoping tomorrow Connor will be feeling better so we can go back up to the hospital. I didn't realize just how much I look forward to getting to see Jer every day, and I really just want to be up there right now, even if what I'm doing up there is sitting next to his bedside reading while he plays video games. That's mostly what we do at home for fun normally, so I guess it feels pretty comfortable. We're not really big on small talk in our household.

It's silly because unlike when Connor's in the hospital, Jer is perfectly capable of telling the nurses and doctors exactly what he wants and needs, and furthermore his mother is up there with him, so it's not like something bad is going to happen if I'm not up there or anything. It's just that if I'm going to hang out all day doing nothing (which is pretty much what a Connor sick day consists of), I feel better if I'm doing it at Jer's bedside. Also I haven't gotten any kisses today. No husband kisses? This is very sad.

So other than hanging out at the house today, we're going to run over to the grocery store to restock on supplies like diapers and baby food, as we're running low. I may try and pick up a chick flick so I can cuddle up with Connor and keep myself amused at the same time. I will also pick up and consume a massive quantity of orange juice in an attempt to keep myself from getting sick too. Only one Snot Monster per household, please!



Julia O'C said...

Oh, my goodness! That face!! How can you resist it? You must want to give in to Connor's every whim!!

Sorry the little guy is sick and wiping his nose on you. Coincidentally, Emmett is running a fever and is the *most* miserable little person right now. Hope you stay healthy. Thank you for the updates!

leah said...

Connor, get well soon! That little face is too adorable, I love that pout. I'd give in and let him watch Robin Hood over and over and over again... which is why it is good that my kids can't pull off that good of a pout!

Hopefully you'll be able to see your husband tomorrow- may the snot monster be gone!

Kristin said...

I hope Connor feels better soon!! I got hit with a snot rocket the other day, so I can only imagine if he's full-blow sick! :(

FYI, if it makes life any easier, will deliver diapers to your door (or where ever you're staying) for free if you order more than $50 worth. Pretty much same price as the grocery store, so if you've got a sweet deal somewhere then stick with that.

When Conner falls to sleep, maybe you can sneek to the hospital for a *husband kiss* ;)

Anonymous said...

Despite his distress over leaving Dad at the hospital, his understanding of everything is outstanding. And, each time he sees his Dad again, well he learns something else. That gives hope that his meltdowns will not escalate.

I am a big believer in humidifiers for upper respiratory infections.

I wrapped a book for you today. Will mail on Monday.

Praying for y'all and reading your blog everyday. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Connor and his cousin share the same pout face! We don't get it very often and when she does it we can't help but laugh. He is too cute. Hugs to all and much love. M

Lin said...

Love the face! I'll bet you would like to do that too if it made things better! :) Maybe it is best for you two to lay low for a day or so. Jer is in good hands and you can talk to him via the phone. It may be a blessing in disguise to just relax today. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Connor's pouty face has to be the cutest thing I have seen all week.

Hope he feels much better soon!!

terena said...

Poor baby. I've never seen such a miserable face. Feel better soon, Connor. And as soon as you do, give your mama a kiss.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like doing nothing is in order for both you and Connor. You have so much strength to conserve -- both of you. And that pout is just priceless! I love how involved Connor is in everything -- what a treasure he is.

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