Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Which I Go A Little Nuts

No new information.

If you had been near the mall in Puyallup today, you would have seen a crazy red-eyed woman driving around in the parking lot with the windows down and a huge grin on her face, belting out the lyrics to (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman at the top of her lungs. That was me.

This has been simultaneously the best and worst birthday of my life, and while I am totally giddy and drunk with happiness at the moment, I never, ever want to have another one like it again.

I feel sort of like I did the night before I got married-- elated and excited and nervous all at the same time. I spent the vast majority of the day either on the phone (Thanks to everyone who called or wrote with birthday good wishes!) or shopping.

I did a lot of shopping.

First I went out to Best Buy and picked up a laptop, which is probably the most expensive birthday present I have ever gotten for myself, and certainly the most expensive purchase I've ever made without doing any research or price comparisons whatsoever. Then I went to the mall, where I proceeded to spend an obscene amount of money on a new dress, makeup, waxing, haircut, and dye job. I have to look fabulous when Jer sees me again, and those huge under-eye circles and an inch of ash-blond roots weren't going to cut it.

I then drove to the bookstore and picked up the next three books in the series Jer wants to continue reading while in the hospital, and some reading material for me. I'm normally fond of books with meaty intellectual content; poignant reads with strong emotions and characters, such as Anna Karenina or Catcher in The Rye. The books I picked up today, however, all contain protagonists whose most pressing problem in life is whether or not their Louis Vuitton handbags match their Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. These are books that I can totally escape into, since while they are well written the women in them only think about camouflage in terms of whether or not it's in as a fashion accessory-- in short they have lives so completely removed from mine that I can't relate to them at all and they let me relax for a while. (Though given the amount of money I dropped today on my clothes, hair and makeup perhaps I have more in common with them than I think.) Let me know if you have any book recommendations in this genre as it's not one I'm exactly familiar with. So far I've read a couple of Sophie Kinsella books and pretty much everything ever written by Meg Cabot.

Possibly I might have gone a little overboard. I mean, the man saw me a month and a half ago, for goodness sake! But I don't really care at the moment. Hopefully by this time tomorrow Jer will be here. I can't wait!



Julia O'C said...

You deserve to splurge on yourself. God, do you ever deserve it. Besides, if it gives you the confidence to stand a few feet away from Jeremy and go, "You want some of this? WALK for it," then bring it on.

Just kidding.

I'm not a hugger, but I would hug you now if I could. Happy birthday, Jess. Happy, happy birthday.

Edit said...

nice! sounds fun :) I am so excited for you and I am sure you look beautiful! you should post a pic... btw, what laptop did you get?

Elizabeth said...

Good Lord, woman. You totally deserve it!

xraevision said...

Good for you, Jess! You should do whatever you can right now to make yourself feel relaxed and beautiful, and if that includes belting out some tunes, gussying yourself up and reading fluffy books, I don't think anyone will judge you for it! In fact, I would be curious to read your book reviews. (When we lived at the hospital, my idea of a light read was Love in the Time of Cholera.)

Lee said...

Glad he is coming home!

Check out anything by Jen Lancaster (in the memoir section) or Emily Giffin...

Brechtje said...

Books written by Jill Mansell are very lightweight. I recommend reading Gods behaving badly by Marie Phillips, it's fun.

Audrey said...

happy belated birthday!

I can really recommend Domestic Bliss by Lesslie Caine. They are mystery crime novels where the protagonist is an interior decorator living with this old martha steward like tv star. it's just so relaxing and the switches between solving a murder and giving interior decorating tips is really a nice change!

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