Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Which Jer And I Decide To Tie The Knot

Connor was still a snotty mess today, so my mother-in-law rented a car and drove down from Fisher House, where she's been staying in Seattle, to take care of him while I spent the day with Jeremy. In addition to letting Connor use her as a human tissue, she also did my laundry and all of my dishes while she was at it. What an awesome thing to come home to-- thanks, Mom!

Jeremy had a dressing change today and they removed the wound vac from his calf-- the skin graft looks great and both it and the donor site are healing nicely. The doctors have rescheduled his surgery for Wednesday (which is of course Connor's first day of school) but they will only be operating on the left heel, and they still don't know what they will be doing (or if they do they haven't told anybody else).

Jer was pretty out of it the first half of the day, as they gave him quite a bit of morphine while they did the dressing change. He perked up the second half of the day, though, and we had a very long conversation in which we made an important decision. This is why I am currently browsing the Internet looking at wedding rings.

See, Jer's wedding ring didn't make it back from Afghanistan-- somewhere in the transit between hospitals it disappeared. So rather than just get him a replacement, we're going to get a completely new set, and then we're going to have the chaplain come up to the hospital and renew our wedding vows. It just feels like the right thing to do to show the world that we're still totally committed to each other despite recent events, and to make the new wedding rings just as special as the rings we wore the first five years of our marriage. So I'm going to do some looking around, I'll print off some pictures to show Jeremy, and we'll make the decision about our new rings together.

Jeremy, of course, pointed out that if we're renewing our vows we'll also need to go on a second honeymoon. We're thinking maybe a long trip to Vancouver, or perhaps a cruise to Alaska. Well, darn it. Guess we'll suffer through that somehow.



Sweet Lorraine said...

That sounds like a perfect idea, Jess. :) Now we're all getting married this year!

Zanda said...

I love it! Sounds like an excellent idea. You are such a special couple.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a great idea! Hope Connor starts feeling better real soon. : )

Julia O'C said...

What a fantastic idea! And Connor will get to attend this wedding - how perfect is that?!

Lora said...

That is so sweet, so glad to hear all about it. You've gotta go to Alaska, I lived there 18 years, it is so magnificent and majestic. Out of all the places that I have lived it is the only place where I would visit time and time again.

Lin said...

Perfect timing! What a lovely thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Best Wishes!
I believe that is the "proper" response for a newly engaged couple! Couldn't happen to better folks :)

Ellen said...

That is awesome. Congratulations! You deserve a whole lot of happiness.

I went on a cruise to Alaska, on a small ship (the best way to do it). It was kind of our pre-honeymoon. And it was one of the most beautiful trips of our lives. We saw so many whales, seals, puffins (I loved those puffins), bears, dolphins, you name it. I say, do it!

Anonymous said...

Renewing your wedding vows sounds very right. Very right. Especially under the circumstances.

I say go on the cruise...need a bride's maid? LOL.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a beautiful idea!! I love it.

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