Friday, August 28, 2009

In Which Jer Does Not Have Surgery

So they canceled Jeremy's surgery today.

The reason they gave was that the doctors were still discussing the best way to reconstruct his heels. I figure they're using the word "discussion" like most people's parents use it (We're not fighting, dear, we're just having a discussion.) At any rate, what that means for us is that Jer's surgery will occur at some unknown time next week, and we no longer have any idea of what that surgery will be. I just love surprises, don't you?

So I spent another day up at the hospital with Jer, Connor, and my mother-in-law. Mostly I spent it either on the computer or reading a book on Norse mythology. The ancient Norsemen had some seriously crazy theories about the origins of the natural world, by the way, Like the sky-- they believed it was the polished skull of an evil Frost Giant who was murdered by his grandchildren. The grandkids chopped off the top of it and set it like a bowl over the world, which they created from various portions of poor Grandpa's anatomy. And clouds? Shredded Frost Giant brains. Such a cheery, peaceful people, Norsemen. Yeesh.

Um, anyway Jer's mom and I, Connor in tow, also headed down to Pike Place Market from the hospital today on the bus. I've never ridden the bus with Connor in his wheelchair before, and I have to say that other than the whole explain-that-it's-not-a-stroller thing it went pretty smoothly. Apparently if you have a stroller you take the baby out of it, fold it up, and carry it onto the bus. This would not work so well with the wheelchair. We have this problem at airports all the time too. That's what we deserve for getting a wheelchair that doesn't scream adaptive equipment, I suppose.

Connor enjoyed the bus, by the way. He liked the bumps. And the giant hill you have to walk down to get from the bus stop to the market is exciting when you have a kid in a wheelchair. I'm pretty sure if I'd let go he'd have been all the way down in the pier.

Anyway, Pike Place was packed so we didn't stay long, but it was a nice break (and we got to visit that wonderful crepe place. Mmmm...strawberry crepes.) And now I feel confident enough to ride the buses with Connor on my own, which should give me more freedom if we're in Seattle for a while. With the kind of parking fees they're charging at the hospital, I'm not going to want to move the car in and out of the lot a whole bunch.

I've got respite care tonight and a massage tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be starting the week refreshed and ready for whatever the doctors can throw at us!

Unless it's Frost Giant brains. I'm not cool with that.



leah said...

Hopefully those docs will come up with a solid plan of action, and SOON. The buses sound like a good way to get around town and avoid outrageous parking fees.

The Norse view on the world does explain why the vikings were so fierce! Though most of my knowledge of such things comes from Hagar the Horrible and not from any legitimate history book (g)!

Julia O'C said...

It's really frost giant-brainy here in Pittsburgh today.

I guess it's good that the doctors are really thinking over how to deal with Jeremy's injuries. Frustrating, though, that it's taking so long for them to DO SOMETHING. It sounds like you're in good spirits, though.

BTW: Found this site and thought of Connor..Kind of a cute solution to g-tube and pajamas problem.

Anonymous said...

In terms of Jeremy's heels, I think time is on his side. Are they giving him hyperbaric treatment? Good for wound healing. Research says.

I'm sending you something else to read.

Plus, I am mid-series on multiple posts on children's wheelchairs. You will appreciate the comments from other mothers, another PT, and a special ed teacher.

If you are very concerned about a steep downhill grade with Connor's chair - turn both yourselves around and back down. Honestly, that's how you and he should go down every curb. Backwards.

I am VERY pleased to know the bus system works for you two and that you have a massage planned.

Y'all are in my prayers.

Julia said...

I'm not sure if I'm curious or scared to learn what the various other Frost Giant parts were used for. I might never venture out of doors again.

Sorry about the frustrating wait. Jeremy can feel gratified that he's given them such a poser, but I hope they come up with a good plan of action soon.

txmoabite said...

yay, vikings :)

thinking about you guys! how long is Jeremy's mom going to be able to stay?

Anonymous said...

Um. Frost Giant Brains is a little hard for me to picture. Let's hope that it's something....else.

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