Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Which I Do Not Have The Best of Mornings

I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath for the results of Connor's allergy testing today.

Well, too bad.

I got him up this morning (He was so cute I had to take a picture-- I'd turned on the light and he started squinting and signing "No light no light." Evidently he wasn't ready to get up), and took him to school. Then I drove back to the house, quickly fixed Jer coffee, did a couple of chores, and put food out where Jer could reach it (the pantry and refrigerator being out of reach for him). Then I turned around and rushed back to school to sign Connor out of class so that we could get to the appointment on time.

We arrived at the hospital's parking lot thirty-five minutes early for Connor's appointment, and that's as close as we got to the allergy clinic. For the first fifteen minutes we drove around in circles looking for a handicapped parking space. For the next fifteen minutes we drove around looking for any parking space. Then I attempted to drive around the back of the hospital to park in the rear parking lot, and accidentally went into the drive-through pharmacy lane instead. You know, the one that's one-way, with no turn around or exit except through the drive-through, where there were eight cars ahead of me and two cars now blocking me behind.

And there we sat for the next forty minutes.

After it became very, very obvious that there was no possible way we were going to make it to the appointment despite it being less than 200 yards away, I called the clinic desk and rescheduled. The earliest appointment they had was on December third, so that's when we booked for. I was a little frustrated by the end of all this, and by being a little frustrated I mean that I had a complete meltdown in the car, and then Connor and I listened to classical music for the remaining thirty minutes we were stuck in line and had a long discussion about emotions and how everybody gets sad or angry: even mommies and daddies. (Or at least, I signed a long monologue to Connor about feelings, and Connor contributed "Mommy sad. Connor sad." which didn't make me feel guilty at all, let me tell you.) Finally the last car pulled away and I drove back home, arriving two hours after I'd left with nothing to show for it and feeling like a bit of an idiot. Oh well-- we all have those days, I guess.

Moving on to brighter topics-- Jer received the new wheels for his wheelchair today! Unfortunately they are only slightly better than his old wheels, as while they have texture to them it's not really very heavy-duty so he still loses traction quite a bit on wet or soft surfaces, but they're better than they were. My compost bin also arrived in the mail today, which I was pretty excited about. And I managed to sneak in a trip to the bookstore and a couple of cups of tea today. Getting the chance to sit down for an hour to read and drink tea goes a long way towards restoring one's equilibrium. And we got the chance to go to a potluck dinner tonight where we saw a lot of friends, so that was a nice end to the day.

I think tomorrow afternoon we're going to declare a holiday-- as much of a holiday as it ever is around here, that is. I'm feeling the need for one after today. I'll get all of my errands and housework out of the way in the morning, pick up something for lunch on the way home, spend the afternoon lazing away, order some pizza for dinner, and in general do as little as possible. Maybe while Connor's napping I'll even take a long bath. And drink tea. And eat chocolate. And read. Maybe I'll even do it all at the same time, because I am marvelously talented like that.

I can't wait!



Kristin said...

Happy Veteran's Day! (your need for a holiday was well timed)

Kristin said...

Thank you for your family's service to our country.

Anonymous said...

Please give your Hubby my heartfelt thanks for his service in the protection of our country and accept my thanks to both of you for your sacrifice in being separated and for taking an injurious hit.


Niksmom said...

Sending out prayers of gratitude for your family's service to our country. And a virtual hug for yesterday's awful experience. I think we've all been there to some extent or another.

Chocolate, tea, bath AND book all at once?? *sigh* I can't even manage to get them all in the same DAY. ;-)

Anonymous said...

About yesterday and today....

Cutest squinting boy eva!

We have the same parking problem at the similar medical facility here. I.can.so.relate.

But what a wonderful opportunity for you and Connor to converse! ;) "Mommy sad. Connor sad." His understanding is perfect.

But. What a great afternoon and ending to the day.

Wish my day today would be as nice. Tea and chocolate would be my choices for celebration, too.

Bet you can't wait to take the compost bin over to the new house and fill it with ivy. ;)

Anonymous said...

When I try that I just get the book all wet! Enjoy and Happy Veteran's Day to both of you. Let us know when you have all that ivy gone so we can come for a visit!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Oh my! What a stinky way to miss a doctor's appointment! So glad the rest of the day was better. I don't drink tea, but I am with you on the chocolate!

I just want to thank you and Jeremy and Connor for the sacrifices that you have made for our country. It is very much appreciated!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Forgot to mention something that you already knew - that is THE cutest picture of Connor. He is adorable!

terena said...

that is just plain WRONG. So sorry you had to sit in a parking lot like that. Yes, you definitely need a holiday.

And as luck would have it, here you go. My many thanks to Jer and You for the sacrifices you've made, and my many wishes that he heals quickly.

And give Connor a kiss on that adorable head.

Julia O'C said...

Oh, Jess. I've had days like that. Hope your mental health day is a good one. How do you manage to read in the tub? I've given up and listen to podcasts instead.

How 'bout this: Emmett was sitting on my lap when I was reading your blog and he pointed to the screen and said, "Connor!" Of course, it sounded more like "On-rrrrr!" But hey, pretty cool!

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