Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Which I Do Some Cooking!

I spent a good portion of today in the kitchen-- one of my favorite places to be! Jer wasn't really able to pitch in this year due to the fact that he's not really able to get in the kitchen, but he did pick out the recipe for some tasty potato bread Normally the bread baking is his territory, and he used to bake us a loaf a week before his deployment. So far I've made some roasted cinnamon apples and a sweet cherry pie. Tomorrow morning I'll be making some potato bread and some maple yams. Then we'll load everything in the car and head over to our friends' house for a Thanksgiving feast!

Before we leave, I'll be pulling out the food processor and taking it with us. That way I'll be able to whip Connor up a Thanksgiving day feast of his own. I never realized when I bought that thing how great it would end up being; it means that Connor is able to share what everybody else at the table is eating, albeit in a slightly different form. I haven't been using it a whole lot recently, as I've been just buying pureed food for him (one less thing on my to-do list) but once I have a little bit more time I'll be going back to doing it on a regular basis.

We did hear from Connor's neurologist today, and he's once again upped Connor's seizure medication. Hopefully this will work; we're nearing the upper limit of how much of this particular medication he can take.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!


Anonymous said...
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leah said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sweet cherry pie sounds delicious- I love Thanksgiving for all the delicious desserts it brings :-)

Sending quick prayers that Connor's new medication level works quickly to keep the seizures at bay.

Julia O'C said...

GAH! You've been spammed again! Delete! Delete!

What I really want to say is this: Happy Thanksgiving, McGuffeys!!!

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