Monday, November 9, 2009

In Which I Have Totally Irrational Feelings

We spent the morning over at the new house this morning, meeting with Becky (who had some extremely exciting news about donations and some of the renovations on the house-- more on that later), waiting for the chimney sweep, and in my case, pulling out yet more glorious ivy. I now have the whole backyard clear of it and have started on clearing off the fence in the front yard. Here's a running tally on the ivy war:

Approximate Square Feet of Ivy In The Beginning: 500
Sprinkler heads uncovered: 5
Unusual Animals found: 2 (a tiny salamander and a slug the size of my hand)
Trash Bags Filled With Ivy: 32
Approximate Square Feet of Ivy Yet To Remove: 375

I now officially hate ivy.

They had a last minute cancellation at the allergy clinic, so Connor will be going in for his testing tomorrow morning instead of in December. We'll see how things go-- hopefully we won't walk out of there adding too many bizarre allergies to the list!

I'm still thinking he's totally allergic to bears.

To tell you the truth I'm a little nervous about his allergy testing-- I'm afraid it's going to go badly and it will turn out he's allergic to, oh, everything and I just didn't realize it, thus earning the title of Bad Mother. Or something. I'm not sure why I'm nervous about it, actually, but my body does not recognize having no rational reason for experiencing an emotion as a reason for shutting said emotion off, so I guess I'm just stuck with being nervous until after his allergy test is over.

Oh well. At least I won't have long to wait.



Kristin said...

I had the same test Connor's going to have when I was five. Turns out I'm pretty much allergic to Texas. The whole thing. Since I live here, that's slightly problematic, so I got weekly allergy shots for about 12 years. It worked. while I'm still allergic to most things that grow here, I rarely get sick from it anymore - maybe once a year or once every other year. Definitely a benefit! Good luck!

Julia O'C said...

You're nervous because you are a Great Mom.

I just hope he's not allergic to IVY.

Good luck.

Katy said...

If you're a bad mother then the rest of us are complete crap. Allergies come and go so even if he has a lot that doesn't mean he's been allergic to everything forever. My SIL is deathly allergic to seafood but the allergy didn't appear until she was about seven.

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