Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Which (Curses!) My Plans Are Foiled Again

I was going to go by and work on the ivy today; I haven't really gotten much of a chance to work over at the house this week. While normally I work in the mornings over there while Connor is in school, the last few days I've had to run errands. This morning was no exception; we were out of eggs and a couple of other essentials, so instead of going to the house I ended up going to the grocery store. Then it was time to load Jeremy in the car, go get Connor, and drive down to the hospital so Jer could pick up his meds and attend a meeting. By the time we got back the day was half over.

As it was still relatively nice outside, I decided that when Connor got up from his quiet time he and I would head over there so I could get some work done. Well, Connor had other plans. The stinker sang happily to himself until the last five minutes of his quiet time, and then he fell asleep and napped through the rest of my daylight.

Oh well.

I did pack him into the car and make a trek over there with my camera once he woke up and everybody had eaten dinner. Things are moving right along, though the changes aren't as dramatic so I had to go back to my earlier pictures to pick out the differences. Among other things, all of the drywall is gone in the kitchen now, all the hanging pipes have been taken out of the master bathroom, and the bathtub is out of the guest bathroom. It's actually cut in half and in the middle of the master bedroom floor now, which is pretty awesome. Think of all the things you could do with half a bathtub! Well, actually I can't think of anything you could do with it besides take half a bath, but I'm sure that there are awesome things out there I just haven't come across yet. Any suggestions?

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get over there and get some more done. Working in the garden while Connor is at school has been nice, as since I've already gotten Jer his breakfast and coffee he's good for a couple of hours, and I don't have to worry about the cold getting to Connor. It does have the unfortunate side effect that I come to pick Connor up looking like I've been sleeping under a park bench all morning, but that will only last until we have indoor plumbing again at the new house.

I'm much more ready to tackle the garden again (as well as all of the things I have to get done around here) after our play day yesterday. It was just what I needed! Hopefully we'll have a chance to do it again soon-- maybe next week.

I'll be out of books by then.



Lap Band surgery said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Julia O'C said...

I think your blog has been spammed!! You are certainly not a candidate for lap band surgery.

You could set the half bath up in the yard, and make a little scene inside it. I'm sure your neighbors would LOVE it. You can thank me for the awesome idea later.

Connor's Mom said...

Ooo, like a diorama! I could make it a scene entitled "Plunger Man to the Rescue." I'd sew a little cape for the purpose.

Mr. Lap Band surgery, you are deleted!


Tom said...

You've been spammed? Welcome to the big time!

Brechtje said...

Maybe you can make seats out of that bathtub?
It was the first thing that came to my mind ;)

Sarah Thompson said...

Or you could rock it San Antonio style and put the Virgin Mary under it in your front yard. Add those tall candles and some sun rays behind it to really make a statement!

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