Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Which Jer And I Are Very Weird

Today I listened to Jeremy, with Connor on his lap, play out another episode of the multi-day epic musical battle between Gorilla and Seizure Kitty to the tune of the National Geographic theme song.

That's right. Seizure Kitty.

See, Connor has this stuffed leopard toy that purrs if you shake it. If you shake it really hard, it doesn't purr, but instead makes this weird rattling noise. Jeremy decided it sounded that way because it was having a seizure and so invented the name Seizure Kitty, which stuck.

Yes, I am already aware that Jer and I share a dark and morbid sense of humor. This is probably why we've managed not to go nuts so far. Or any more nuts, anyway.

Connor really likes Seizure Kitty, especially when he is engaged in some endeavor set to music provided by Jer (I sometimes join in on the chorus). He likes anything to do with cats right now. The little guy is no longer obsessed with ponies. Now it's all about either cats or bears. He watches the cats whenever they walk by, which he never used to do, and if I capture Loki and bring him close enough for Connor to reach, Connor now pets him enthusiastically by attempting to grab and pull out large clumps of his fur. Because Loki is an idiot, he not only tolerates this treatment but actually comes back for more. In this cat's mind, any attention is good attention, even if it involves an overexcited toddler interested in experiments in cat epilatory methods.

Cricket does not feel the same way. Cricket views any attempt to bring her close to Connor's eager little mitts as an attempt to kill her, and reacts accordingly. So we stick with Loki, as I prefer to have my skin intact and not full of little Cricket claw-shaped puncture wounds.

I'm not entirely sure how Connor picked up on the bears, though it might have been through Jeremy, who talks about them all the time. We also have a lot of children's books in the house that involve bears. At any rate, the last three books he's picked out at the bookstore have involved bears in one way or another, and while he doesn't have a sign for "bear" yet I'm sure we'll be seeing one soon. It's nice to know he has his passions and enthusiasms just like any other kid!

We'll have a chance to see if we can find a bear or two to hang on his wall tomorrow, when we'll head up to Seattle to attend the Best of The Northwest arts and crafts show. Hundreds of artists from around the Pacific Northwest will be in attendance to sell their wares. It'll be one of the first times we've attempted to navigate a crowd with both wheelchairs, so wish us luck! It's the last day of the show, so hopefully it won't be as crowded-- we'll just have to see.

Seizure Kitty will not be in attendance with us, as Connor likes to throw him out of his wheelchair on a fairly regular basis, but I'm sure we'll tell him all about it when we get home. Probably to the tune of the 1812 overture or something.



Julia O'C said...

Seizure kitty! I love it. I think a dark sense of humor is not only helpful, it's essential. We may have to make a shunt puppy.

Are you guys familiar with the "Little Bear" books by Else Holmelund Minarik? Maurice Sendak did the illustrations. "Little Bear" is a Very Big Deal in my house.

Anonymous said...

We had a kitty like Loki - very tolerant and to whom my Hubby would demonstrate 'machine gun kitty' and 'mine sweeper kitty'. We have many good stories of our Chloe kitty, but sadly her ninth life ended before she could entertain our children.

In much of how you describe Connor he sounds 'like any other kid'.

LOVE the craft fairs of the NW. I can name every single item we specially purchased at one of those. Some of my favorite 'stuff'. Barbara

caninegoddess said...

Hi Jess! Love the blog, and Connor's a cutie!

Katy said...

We have a toy that we call "seizure toy" because it has so many flashing lights that we're sure it would trigger a seizure if you had light-sensative seizures.

I know the sign for bear! I learned it from Ms. Rachel on Baby Signing Time. I know a lot of sign language it seems.

My dog thinks that Charlie is trying to kill him. I don't think Charlie has ever laid a hand on him, but Buster is still convinced. Crazy dog.

Julia said...

I was really hoping for more detail on the latest installment of Gorilla vs. Seizure Kitty. My curiosity is very piqued, and here you've left us hanging. Will Seizure Kitty survive the drop over the 1000 foot cliff and manage to claw his way to the ledge where his evil ape nemesis has hidden the controls for the Anti-Earth Annihilation Laser currently aimed at the unsuspecting residents of Joyful Hollow?!?

Colleen said...

Thank goodness for humor right? It gets you through it!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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