Friday, November 6, 2009

In Which Connor Needs A Moment of Zen

Connor didn't particularly want to wake up this morning-- he didn't sleep well the night before. As a result, he didn't get what we call his "zen time," where he sits and giggles and stares at the ceiling for fifteen minutes or so before he starts yelling for me to get him up. If he doesn't get his zen time his whole day is thrown off. The kid is funny like that. We think it has something to do with his sensory integration disorder; he has to have the chance to get his bearings in space and "rev up," so to speak. Otherwise he's shaky, uncoordinated, and has a tendency to have a short temper because he doesn't feel good.

So the morning was rushed and he didn't have a chance to really get his bearings, and as a result he threw up his breakfast. Then he had an off day at school-- he was crabby and tired and didn't want to do anything. Finally I took him home, brought him straight back to his bed, and lay him down. He gave me a big smile, heaved a huge sigh, spent the next fifteen minutes giggling and staring at the ceiling, and then started yelling to be picked up. He was totally fine the rest of the day.

So, lesson learned: no skipping Connor's zen time. We're raising a funny little bird, aren't we?


Julia O'C said...

Connor is a very smart little boy. We'd probably all have better days if we took a zen time for ourselves.

Hope all is well.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I agree with Julie - Connor is a very smart little boy who knows what he needs. He is blessed to have a smart mama who understands.

terena said...

I feel the exact same way, Connor. Do not rush me from my bed. Makes me CRANKY

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. My hubs always wants me to jump out of bed and then I'm not the prettiest thing he's ever seen (and I'm not talking about Bed Head)...I'm finally getting him to realize that I need my zen time too.

I think it's wonderful that you two have read Connor so well. He's so blessed to have you! And you to have him.

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