Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Which We Have A Little Help From Our Friends

This morning we heard a knock on the door, and waiting there on the doorstep was a lovely surprise: our friend David! He's up from California for the week to help us out, and we intend to put him to work! We ran right out and got him a pair of gloves and a spade so he can help me out with taming the yard tomorrow.

Today was a day for friends; I also got the chance to go out and get some tea with my friend Amy. It's so nice to have a break every once in a while and to get out and socialize with one of the girls! And to make it even better, while I was gone David cleaned the house. How's that for a good friend?

And Jer found my cell phone! Apparently it was hidden under the cat's scratching post, where it had probably fallen when either I moved something up there or one of the cats jumped up. I blame the cats. Of course, I blame them for everything, so that's nothing new, but the odds are usually pretty good that if something's missing or broken around here it's related in some way to them, so I'm sticking to my story.

Tomorrow we'll probably pull a fairly long day at the house; I'm excited to have someone to pull weeds with me (and maybe even tackle that gigantic wall of ivy). I don't know how thrilled Dave is about it, (probably about as thrilled as anyone who's faced with spending a week cutting down a fifty-foot long wall of ivy would be) but he's a really good sport.

Connor likes him being here because he'll wave laundry on command. We all know how Connor feels about laundry. And the cats like him being here because he's sleeping in our living room so he's readily accessible for petting; our bedroom is a cat free zone because I'm sleeping on a memory foam mattress on the floor and the cats have this thing for foam. It's irresistible to them; they believe it exists for the sole purpose of letting them rip tiny bits out of it with their teeth. Then they build nests in the hollowed out areas of the mattress like some sort of strange kitty owls. They don't really understand why I object to this, and think that in general I'm a terrible spoilsport. At any rate, they're excited to have someone to run across at two in the morning-- I'm sure they'll make the most of it.

It's already shaping up to be a great week!


terena said...

that's so great!

Julia O'C said...

Hooray for friends willing to help with yard-work! And house-work! What a great guy.

I'm so excited about your new house - can't wait to see the "after" pictures. Hope Connor is doing well after this last seizure scare.

Sweet Lorraine said...

I'm glad he was finally able to find/get a hold of you! It was the great telephone chain as he tried to find alternate means to contact you.

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