Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Which I Meet A Neighbor In A Novel Way

Short blog tonight, as I'm rather tired. Also the second half of this post contains photos of Jer's healing injuries, just to let you know. I'm warning you because people who are not fond of looking at feet should probably skip it. You know who you are. Moving on.

Today we finally got around to calling the locksmith to get the lock changed out on our new mailbox, which we had yet to do. Our mailbox is a community style box, so we'd called the mail carrier first to find out which one was ours. "It's #4," we were told.

So the locksmith came out and, after attempting to pick the lock on the box, drilled a hole in the old lock and popped the door open, whereupon we discovered that this was not, in fact our mailbox, but the neighbor's across the street. This was about the time said neighbor came out and wanted to know what the heck we were doing breaking into his mailbox.

So the locksmith popped the new lock on, I paid for it, gave the neighbor the new key (he was very gracious about the whole thing), and felt like a total idiot. Upon my asking Jer checked his notebook and confirmed that the mailman had indeed said "mailbox #4," so we figure that he probably meant the mailbox around the corner rather than the one on our street. We'll call on Monday to find out for sure, as we don't really want to take a chance and end up replacing another neighbor's lock. Fun times.

We spent the whole first half of the day at the new house; I worked outside while Jer and Connor hung out inside in Connor's future room (no that is NOT the updated paint job) with all of the fantastic volunteers who came out today. I've got some pictures I'll post tomorrow of them hard at work!


Here, as promised, are the pictures of Jer's leg and feet. As you can see he looks pretty good!

And I'm off to bed!



leah said...

Those community mailboxes are a pain- they should just use the house address number on the boxes rather than the "1, 2, 3" system- at least you'd know what house the box belonged to!

Jeremy's legs and feet look like they're healing well (from a totally untrained non-medical perspective). I hope his circulation/nerve issues continue to improve so that he can lower his legs more often.

Anonymous said...

His feet and legs look very good, indeed. No doubt the massage has been important to his healing. The grafts have healed really well so far.

I have a thing for feet (previously posted on my blog). Looks like he will either be buying two pair of shoes or have some kind of adaptation to different sized feet.

Thanks again to Jer for his service and his willingness to be injured so that we might be safe here at home. Barbara

Julia O'C said...

I'm very impressed by how well Jeremy is healing, as well by how he's handling all of this.

That was so nice of you to replace your neighbor's mailbox! ;)

Connor's Mom said...

It's just the perspective of the picture-- one foot is closer to the camera, so they aren't actually vastly different sizes! Sorry for the optical illusion. He will be going up at least one size in shoes once he can wear them again though, and his heels have different rather interesting contours. Oh well.


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