Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Which Connor Goes On Holiday

We just about finished our fence today, which was great!  It's so nice to see a project finished.  We're going to start dismantling our old deck tomorrow, which should be a lot of fun.  Ripping stuff apart is usually pretty enjoyable, especially when it involves the use of power tools. 

Connor should be there all day to direct, because he's off from school tomorrow!  He has a four-day weekend because of the holiday, so we're going to have a good time.  I'm not exactly sure what's on our to-do list yet, other than deck-demolishing, but I know he'll enjoy that.  He really likes the circular saw; the noise makes him burst into giggles every time.  I think he really likes the vibrations, which can be felt from pretty far away.   It's a really loud saw.

We discovered a new way to play in his swing today. Connor can practically lie down in it because it's so large.  I discovered that the swing is just the perfect height for him to practice standing up out of it-- his feet just barely touch the ground when I scoot him to the very edge.  We did quite a bit of that today, in addition to some swinging while lying down and his usual sitting-up swinging, and he seemed to have a terrifically good time.  But then he loves anything having to do with his swing, so maybe that's not so surprising.  He's really getting the hand of standing up from a sitting position (with help, as his grip isn't good enough to hold his weight yet) and that's pretty exciting! 

We'll have him standing on his own yet!



leah said...

Awesome! His swing is so cool- and what a great discovery that it can help support his weight in a standing position.

Have fun on "holiday," even if it does mean working on decks with power tools rather than lounging at the beach!

Anonymous said...

Go, Connor, go!!! What an awesome little guy. I'll just bet that having a sister running around the house will give Connor even more motivation to do things on his own. Life is good!
- j o'c

Julia said...

See, there you go proving my point again. (I do like to be right about things.) You're working on the assumption that he can and will do all these things, and it seems to be a very comfortable, natural perspective for you, not a forced one. And that perspective, I maintain, is a key part of Connor's success, why he has defied the medical opinions every step of the way. (Well, that and his own natural gifts and spirit, which seem to play a role as well!)

Christy said...

Wow! Great news! Hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Way to go Connor! That is a really cool swing - I can see why he likes it!

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