Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Which Jeremy Is On The Radio

Jeremy, along with two other soldiers, was interviewed this morning on the air by a local public radio station concerning his injuries during combat and the recovery process.  The program was called Life After Injury: Stories From American Soldiers, and you can find a podcast of it over here if you are so inclined.  You have several options for downloading under the "Listen To Weekday" heading on the right of the page.

I drove around in circles and listened to the program in the car while Connor was at school today.  It was kind of odd to hear Jeremy's voice coming out of the radio, but I thought he and the other guys all did a fantastic job and the discussion was interesting.  It's worth a listen, in my opinion.

Connor had a quiet day today; he and I drove up to Seattle to get his blood levels drawn, and we should hear from the neurologist again at some point in the next couple of days as far as what he'd like us to do.  While we talked to the nurse and not to the doctor personally, my guess is that he wanted to know the level of Connor's seizure medications both to see how the little guy is metabilizing them and to see how much wiggle room he might have to go up on them. 

Hopefully the game of Seizure Hot Potato will be over soon!


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