Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Which I Swear We Moved To Mayberry

I spent a good portion of this morning transplanting all of the stuff I planted in front of the deck a few months ago to new locations in the yard so that we can get started with demolishing.  This was not particularly fun, as pretty much all the good spots had already been taken.  Our backyard has a lot of shrubbery, so most of the beds are at least partially shaded, which will change once we have the rest of the hardscape in and are ready to really start ripping up the old landscaping, but in the meantime poses a bit of a problem when I just lost twenty feet worth of prime sunny area.  Hopefully most of the poor, maligned herb garden, strawberries and blueberry bushes will be able to hold on until I can transplant them back to a spot with full sun.  That'll teach me to get overenthusiastic about putting things in the ground before we have a game plan for what we're going to do!

Connor spent most of today in a pretty good mood, which was nice.  He and his daddy spent a lot of time hanging out together-- always a fun activity in Connor's book.  I went down to our little coffee shop this morning and picked us up some breakfast, but mostly we stuck around the house and took it easy.  We did go over and have tea at one of the neighbors' houses in the afternoon, though.  It was lovely, which I'm not really surprised by-- we are lucky enough to be surrounded by genuinely nice people, most of whom have lived in the neighborhood for a long time.  Keep in mind that we selected this house because it had a bathroom we could renovate (one of two on the market in the Puyallup area at the time that fit the criteria we were looking for) and so nice neighbors, close proximity to the hospital, fire station, Connor's school, a park, and shopping areas are all just fantastic bonuses for us.  Seriously, what were the odds that practically the only house in Puyallup we could buy that could be renovated for our needs would just happen to be smack in the middle of Mayberry

I swear I keep expecting to hear Andy Griffith whistling when I go out to check the mail.


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Terena said...

sounds like the right bathroom led you to the right neighborhood. Good luck with the renovation

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