Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Which Connor Has Another Seizure, And We Demolish The Deck

Today we had respite care, so Jeremy and I drove out to Tacoma because Half Price Books was having a sale, and if there is one thing we never miss it is a sale at Half Price Books.  We browsed for a while, found a few random things and then headed out to do some more shopping.  We were just pulling up to Bertolino's Cafe (one of my favorite little coffee shops in Tacoma) when we got a phone call from Connor's respite care worker.  Connor had just had a seizure. 

This one only lasted about a minute and a half, and he was already asleep and fine so he didn't really need us checking up on him, but we made a u-turn anyway and headed back up to Puyallup because even if he was absolutely fine we didn't feel comfortable being a whole thirty minutes away.  So we ended up going to the Starbucks that is five minutes away from our house where we sat reading our books, drinking our hot beverages of choice and, on my part anyway, physically restraining myself from rushing home to make doubly sure that Connor was, in fact, fine.  Which he was, thankfully, though now of course we have to start the whole see-what-the-doctor-wants-to-do process all over again and once again we're playing Seizure Hot Potato and we upped his seizure medication four days ago, dang it.  Oh well. 

Other than that excitement, the other big thing that happened today was that Jake smashed our deck into a hundred billion pieces while we were out.  There's the view from our sliding door.  Isn't that awesome?  It looks like it was probably tremendous fun, too-- I'm kind of sorry we missed it.  We'll be taking all of the pieces, along with the pieces of the old fence, down to the dump this weekend so we can start on the new deck.  In the meantime we will not be venturing out into the backyard by that door. 

That first step's a doozy.



Anonymous said...

Aw, crap. I'm sorry that Connor had another seizure. Poor little guy. At this was short one, I guess. But still.... Crap.

Deck demolition looks fun! And cathartic! Hope the rest of your holiday is relaxing and seizure-free.

-j o'c

Geetha Srinivasan said...

Was Connor home when the deck was being smashed? Sometimes loud noise can trigger seizures

Jess said...

Geetha, Connor's seizures aren't triggered by sound or light-- we've had several studies that have shown that. But it was a good thought!


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