Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Which Connor Has A Quiet Day, And I Worry About This Weekend

Connor, had a quiet day.  Thank goodness for that.

No medication change as of yet, though.  We talked with the neurology department a couple of times today, and Connor's doctor is working on finding a solution.  I'm not sure if that means a new medication or just upping the dose of one or both of his current medications, but hopefully we'll find out tomorrow and with any luck we'll be able to end our game of Seizure Hot Potato.

Jer and Connor spent most of the day together; Connor doesn't have school on Wednesdays, so he slept in late with me while Jer went to physical therapy, and then Jeremy took Connor to PT while I picked up a friend and we drove into Seattle.  It was nice getting a day away-- we went to a couple of tea shops, sampled some miniature cheesecake, and just had a good time in general while the guys enjoyed a quiet day at home.  I feel like I recharged my batteries somewhat, which is a pretty good thing.  Tomorrow I'll do the same for Jeremy, and he can spend the day doing an activity he enjoys; whether that be spending the day out on his bike or indoors playing video games. 

This weekend we're supposed to be spending two days at adoption workshops while our respite care worker watches Connor.  I'm really hoping that we'll have a solution before then, because I don't like the idea of being so far away from the little guy while he's having these episodes.  This is the only workshop this month, though, and we can't move forward on the adoption without attending.  While I'm confident that Joanna would be able to handle it if Connor has a seizure while she's there, it's kind of nerve-wracking to think about being that far away; the longest I've ever had to drive to get to him when he's had a seizure without me there has been half a mile. 

I'm really hoping we get this figured out.



leah said...

Thank goodness for the calm day- I'll say a little prayer that this weekend is equally calm.

When will the neurologist get back to you with his ideas? I hope you get things adjusted by Friday.

Thinking of you guys!

Julia O'C said...

I'm curious to hear about what the adoption workshops are going to cover. I hope you get an answer from the neurologist, and are able to have a nice weekend.

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