Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Which Someone Needs Your Support

One of the reasons I blog publically is that it gives me a chance to connect with other caregivers of children with special needs all over the world.  I love having a network of support that is so far-reaching.  Not only do we live in different places, but we encompass a huge variety of ages, circumstances, and experiences.  Nevertheless, we are drawn together by our love for our children, and this forges us into an international family.

One of the members of my blogging family could use your support right now.  Carrie writes about her 22 month-old daughter, Hannah, over at her blog Little Miss Hannah.  Hannah has a metabolic disorder called Gaucher's Disease, a progressive and life-limiting condition caused by a genetic mutation. 

On Monday, what started out as a possible upper respiratory infection took an abrupt and devastating turn for the worse when Hannah had a fifteen minute long seizure and was rushed to the ER.  During the seizure she aspirated, and as a result now has aspiration pneumonia.  She has continued to have seizures during the last two days, and is now in the PICU at Texas Children's Hospital.  As of this writing she is intubated, on a ventilator, has a central line and is heavily sedated. 

This has obviously been a horrifying event for not just Hannah but also Carrie, her husband, and Hannah's two older siblings.  If you have the opportunity, drop by and leave them a message of support-- I speak from experience when I say it means a tremendous deal to someone in this sort of crisis situation. 

Please send your good thoughts and prayers their way.


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