Saturday, May 22, 2010

In Which I Think About Activities

We worked on the fence again today-- we're a little over halfway finished with it.  I got to use the circular saw today, and I didn't cut my legs off or anything!  It was awesome.  The next project we're planning on tackling after this one is our deck, which seems to currently be constructed mostly of wood putty.  We're going to take it apart and redo the whole thing.  After that, we'll have the remains of that ivy, resodding the lawn, dead shrub removal, laying a bunch of mulch . . . it's a daunting list.  However, when I think about the fact that we've only been living in the house for a little less than two months (though okay, we've owned it for almost seven) I think we've gotten quite a bit accomplished.  Wish us luck!

I'm enjoying these projects because Jer and I have had the chance to work on them together.  We don't really have a lot of hobbies in common, though we do spend a lot of time together, so it's very nice to have a project that we can collaborate on.  Connor mostly sits in the yard and directs.  He's very good at it.

Loki is attempting to convince us that he can help out with the yard too; mostly by lurking near our sliding door and trying to slip out whenever we open it.  We haven't let him out, because the thought of Loki in the possession of power tools is extremely frightening.  Let's hope that never, ever happens; I'm not sure the world would survive. 

We've scheduled Connor's next Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting for June.  I'm looking forward to hearing what all of the school staff have to say about his progress this year and I'm optimistic that things will go well.  We thank our lucky stars on a daily basis that we moved to Puyallup, because the school district has just been fantastic.  I can't believe that the school year is almost over; it seems like just yesterday when I was dropping him off for the first time!  I'll have to start looking into some fun summer activities for him.  We'll be picking up occupational therapy, and also starting up therapeutic horseback riding again.  We also might start heading to the library for story time.  Our local YMCA also has a Swim For Exceptional Children program led by a physical therapist that might be interesting.  Connor is pretty sensitive to the water and the noises that bounce off the pool area, so that might be some really good sensory therapy for him, though I don't expect him to learn how to swim any time soon.  It's important for me to figure these things out in advance because Connor lives by a routine, and we'll have to establish one quickly for him once school lets out or he'll get really anxious. 

I'm sure we'll find some great things to do!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Sean and I don't have a lot of hobbies in common, either. Doesn't really seem to matter much - we're still somewhat fond of each other!

Today we're taking the kids fishing. Pray that Emmett doesn't fall in the pond like he did last time.

-J O'C

Volunteer in Charge said...

Sounds like some great activites. I'll vouch for the greatness of therapeutic horseback riding. Too bad we are all the way in Minnesota!


Julia said...

I'm glad you're in such a great district -- everything you've said about the district, teachers, and staff has been so positive. Good luck with the IEP meeting.

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