Friday, April 17, 2009

In Which We Recieve A Call From Connor's GI Doctor, And I Have Mixed Feelings About It

So we got a call back from Connor's GI doc today. He thinks that Connor is experiencing a problem called Toddler's Diarrhea. The way he described it, some toddlers react to a change in their diet or a shock to their systems by having horrible, explosive diarrhea for weeks on end. It usually clears up on it's own-- he said that as long as it hasn't gone on for more than two months, we shouldn't worry about it. We'll be feeding him some yogurt to restock the bacteria in his gut that the regime of antibiotics has probably killed off, and we'll watch him for signs of dehydration, but other than that there's nothing we can do.

On the one hand, I'm relieved that it's probably not something serious. On the other hand, two months worth of explosive diarrhea? Guess I'd better start stocking up on the laundry detergent. Also carpet cleaner. And shampoo.




Julia O'C said...

Oh, ick! Emmett had a stomach virus that lasted nearly 3 weeks. We went through a lot of detergent and I cried a lot.

There's a powdered probiotic called Kid's Florastor that's available over-the-counter (though I had to ask our Target pharmacy to order it, as they didn't keep it in stock). It's wonderful!! It gave Emmett some relief almost immediately. If you have trouble getting the little guy to eat yogurt, Florastor is a good alternative.

I'm' crossing my fingers that Connor's, erm, issues resolve quickly.

Julia said...

The only silver lining I can think of is that it might lead to some very funny blog posts. Of essentially no comfort, I'm sure, but it was worth a shot. Maybe you could put plastic slipcovers on the furniture ... for the duration. I do hope things "firm up" soon, for poor Connor's sake. Ben had a runny spell, and it led to absolutely terrible diaper rash (even unto nasty blisters).

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