Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IEP Tomorrow

It was bath day today!

Tomorrow we'll have our third IEP meeting. Jer can't make it, so it'll be little old me, my friend (and Connor's Deaf mentor/respite care worker) and however many people the school has decided to bring this time. I'm sort of nervous about it. Wish us luck.

As an aside note (since apparently I can't make even one post this week without mentioning poop) guess what Connor managed to get all over his hearing aids today?

How? Don't even ask.



Julia O'C said...

We went away for Easter and I only just now found the time to catch up on your blog.

I'll be thinking about you guys today and your IEP meeting. I hope Connor is offered all of the help and support that he deserves, and that you (and Connor) are treated with respect this time. And if not...Can Connor poop on demand?!

leah said...

Oh, goodness. We've gotten a lot of things in hearing aids (including playdough), but haven't managed poop yet! I think that takes the record for "strangest hearing aid contaminant."

iceehot said...

Good Luck with the IEP meeting. I hope all goes well. I haven't crossed that bridge yet -- we're still in Part C, but I'm already nervous about the transition.

skeybunny said...

We send our wishes for a productive IEP meeting tomorrow.

As far as the poop goes, I was relieved to learn Evan isn't the Only Kid Ever to shove his hands down the back of his diaper when he's had a poop.


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