Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Library Storytime In Sign!

Tomorrow, Connor and I will be heading down to the Puyallup Public Library for our first Toddler Treasures Summer Storytime session. We'll sit and listen to a book being read, learn rhymes and songs, and do a craft. I thought it would be a really great activity for Connor (especially because it involves books, and you know how I feel about books) and that it would help continue to prepare him for preschool.

That's not the really cool thing about these sessions, though.

The really cool thing is that not only are they going to let me come in an hour early and meet with the children's librarian so that I can go over the book and song selection for the day to make sure I can sign it for Connor, but they plan to hire a SEE interpreter just so he can participate in storytime.

All I had to do was ask.

Actually, I just asked for the time to go over the book and if they would wear his FM system. They offered the interpreter entirely on their own. It took me a visit and a couple of phone calls to track down the right person to talk to, but once I got a hold of the children's librarian it was smooth sailing from there. She said it might take them a few weeks to find someone, but that once they do they'd keep them on as long as Connor wanted to participate in the story times.

I've been amazed time and time again by the lengths people will go to in order to make sure Connor is included as long as I work up the courage to let them know what he needs. Sometimes I have to force myself to do it, because my pride gets in the way or I don't feel right asking for special treatment-- I just have to remember it's for Connor's benefit and not my convenience and then I feel better about asking. Results like these remind me why I do it! This is a totally free program the library offers, and they're doing this entirely on their own merit. What a great library-- yet another affirmation that moving was the right choice for us.

I'd say my mood right now is somewhere around dazed glee. Bring on the stories!



Kristin said...

You've made a great decision moving to a town whose-name-can-not-be spoken! :) It sounds like the whole town makes an effort to be inclusive. So right now they've got 1. the school district, 2. an experienced riding therapy instructor, 3. a play ground and 4. the public library system that all do what ever is necessary to make sure all kiddos have what they need. Man, I hope you get to stay in that kind of environment until Connor is grown. It sounds incredible!

leah said...

Library story hours are amazing things. Our library has an amazing story time and introduces a new sign every week to the toddler age group. I'm always surprised that there are people who don't take advantage of these activities- they're free, educational, and children's librarians have to be the kindest people on earth!

Lin said...

You know, I read a lot of stories about how people cannot get help for their kids and this is a refreshing change! I'm so glad that you found some people who get it. What a nice experience for you AND Connor. I'm impressed with your library.

Connor's Mom said...

Kristin: We expect to be in this town for at least 10 more years, as there are a very limited number of places the military can send us. Hopefully we'll be sticking around for a while!

leah: That's pretty cool-- I'm always a big fan of public libraries. I agree that librarians are awesome people!

Lin: I've been pleasently surprised nine out of ten times when I ask for accomodations for the little guy. I'd like to think that not getting help is the exception rather than the rule!

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