Sunday, June 28, 2009

Texas: Day 4

Connor didn't sleep very well last night; I think the heat is getting to him. He's always had a bit of a temperature regulatory problem, and the change from the 70 degree weather in Puyallup to 100 degree weather here has been pretty difficult for him. Any time out in the heat at all and he ends up flushed, sweaty and uncomfortable. He's reacted to the heat in his usual way-- he's breaking out in hives. He's also having some issues with reflux-- he's thrown up the past two nights in a row-- and he hasn't had issues with reflux for a long, long time.

We've had to come up with some creative ways to keep him cool. Someone goes out and turns the air conditioning on to cool off the car about five minutes before we put him in. He's been going shoeless and minus his back brace. We're sticking to the indoors-- I haven't been outside with him except to get to or from the car. He's asleep right now in our bedroom with the fan on high. I have to admit that the heat is getting to me a little bit too. It's great to see my family, but I'm sure looking forward to enjoying my Pacific Northwest summer weather when I get back.


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sara said...

I was in San Antonio last week for work and I'm very glad to be back in Virginia. I'm from NY originally and have always hated the VA summers where it gets to be 90s and sticky.. but 5 days in Texas made me appreciate it here. Next week we are going to Maine to see family up there who have a camp on a lake. I'm packing Warm clothes as Don's dad will turn the AC on if the temperature hits 65.

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