Thursday, June 11, 2009

Test Driving!

Today was another very fun day-- we headed over to the Children's Therapy Unit at our local Good Samaritan hospital to test drive some therapy equipment. As Connor gets older and heavier we'll be needing different adaptive equipment to help make our house more accessible. We're looking for a bath chair, a toilet chair, a stander, a feeding chair, and a floor-level chair for play. We also took the time to try out some adapted toys-- a tricycle, which he enjoyed immensely, and a switch-adapted car.

The floor chair is the coolest thing ever. Basically it's a giant beanbag, which you shape into whatever position you want around your child. Then you use a pump to suck all of the air out of it, which makes it hard and frozen in that shape. It's incredibly versatile; you can use it as a chair, side prop, wedge for tummy time, etc. Here's Connor sitting cross-legged and otherwise totally unsupported on it while the whole thing sits on a swing. How cool is that?
Connor had a lot of fun with the car, as is evidenced by this video. Maybe a little too much fun. He was not as enthusiastic about the stander, which he apparently thought should be a leaner. The one we'd order wouldn't allow him to do that. It was towards the end of our two hours there, though, so he was getting kind of tired.

We'll continue making extremely slow progress on adapting a Powerwheel car so that Connor can have a similar toy at home, and we already plan to purchase a tricycle and have it modified so he can use it.

He had a very good time, but we definitely wore him out-- he crashed and burned at my friend Anna's house in the afternoon. Silly little guy.


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Julia O'C said...

Connor is looking more and more like a little boy to me, and not so much a toddler. He's so cute that it makes my heart ache.

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