Friday, June 5, 2009

To Market!

Today was a pretty busy day!

Jer didn't have physical training this morning, so we got to sleep in this morning until almost 7:00 am-- whoo hoo! After a week of getting up at five in the morning, seven seems like a real luxury. It's all in your perspective, I guess.

Anyway, usually when we get up at five we put Connor into the car with as little fuss as possible-- in his pajamas, with no shoes, hair combing, etc. This is so that hopefully he'll just sleep in the car and then go back to bed when we get back home. It usually works pretty well. Unfortunately I forgot to tell Jer this morning that we wouldn't be coming immediately back to the house, so when I asked him to put Connor in the car, he did so in the usual fashion-- in his pajamas, sans shoes, hearing aids, and attention to personal hygiene. I didn't discover this until I glanced into the rear view mirror several minutes down the road. Whoops
I had an hour in between the time I dropped Jer off at work and the time I had to be at a ceremony honoring one of our close friends, so I rushed over to Target and bought a comb, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a pair of socks and some shoes. I slapped Connor's emergency extra outfit on him(I carry one in the car at all times-- a habit from Connor's days of horrendous reflux), brushed his teeth, ran a quick comb through his hair, and then we were off to the ceremony.

From there we took care of a few errands-- the farmer's market for flowers, cherries, honey and bacon, the food coop for cream and onions, and the farm for our first weekly pick-up from our CSA (this one included lettuce, mustard greens, beets, rhubarb, asparagus, and garlic scapes). Then Connor and I picked up Jer and we headed back for our first night out courtesy of our new respite care worker.

Remember how I wrote that whiny post about not being able to pick a respite care worker because none of them really stuck out as perfect? Well, we held our last interview a couple of days later and found our Mary Poppins-- a medical massage therapist and former nursing assistant who is just plain awesome. Connor has connected pretty well with her, and she and I get along really, really well, so it was pretty exciting to have a chance to spend the night out on the town and leave Connor in her more-than-capable hands. Jer and I got ice cream, went to see a movie (Up-- and for Pete's sake, go see it, as it's wonderful), and then ate at a great Greek restaurant afterwards. Connor apparently was pretty good for her, and he even ate a few bites of food for her, which he won't do unless he's pretty comfortable with someone.

We're looking forward to our next date on Sunday. I could get really used to this!


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J. said...

so now I guess you have an emergency kit rather then just an outfit in the car...
glad to hear that you are all moved and such.

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