Sunday, June 14, 2009

You've Got A Little Something There...

I'm blogging during Connor's nap again; we're all taking it easy today. Connor is fully recovered from his sunburn and he didn't even add to his freckle collection! Well, I say "collection," but really there's only one- a tiny little dot on the side of his nose. You can just barely see it in this photo. I'm convinced that every child has one of these freckles; it's the obligatory "looks just like dirt so your mom gives you multiple spit baths you don't need in an attempt to wash it off" freckle.

You know the one I'm talking about. I have one just under the right side of my mouth, and my mother, after twenty some odd years, is still to this day convinced that it needs to be rubbed off.
Remember spit baths? That's what we called them in our household, anyway-- where your mom would lick her thumb and then use it to wipe off imaginary dirt on your face, especially in public areas like church. I, no doubt like many other children, made a fervent vow that when I was a grown-up I would never, ever subject my child to such indignity and embarrassment. Now I find myself doing it all the time. Connor hates it just as much as I always did. I also utter phrases, albeit a bit modified for our HoH son, that I was certain I would never use. "Look at my hands when I'm talking to you!" comes to mind.

Anybody else do this, or is it just me?



Julia said...

Oh, yes -- spit baths (shudder). My mother also had the deeply embarrassing habit of referring to the toilet as the "potty" well into my twenties, even in public, and I swore I would never use the term even in jest. ("Julia, do you need to use the potty?" reverberates around the department store.) And now I find myself not infrequently uttering things like, "Yes, the potty is for pee-pee." (I figure I can post comments like this on a blog that has had several essays devoted to poop.)

Ellen said...

That is one cute freckle! Sabrina and Max both have sprinklings of them on their cheeks.

I totally know what you mean. Some Mommy things I do that I can't believe I do:

• "We are not leaving the house till you put away those toys!"
• "Come here, I need to get that booger."
• "Go ask your Dad!"
• "If you do that ONE more time, you are not going to do _____."

Julia O'C said...

Oh, the things I've said! You are not alone in this.

leah said...

I swore I would never, ever say, "because I said so" to the question "why?" I haven't resorted to that yet, but I've come pretty close.

"Matt, the trash goes in the garbage."


"Because we don't want trash on the floor."


"Because it would make the floor dirty. Put it in the trash."


"Because it is the rule, that's why."

"It's the rule" has become a catch phrase now. It's really the same as "Because I said so," but it makes me feel a tad less guilty!

Connor's Mom said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who does things like this!


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