Saturday, June 13, 2009

Look Out-- Connor The Fireman Riding Through!

Connor got a bit of sun today, so I think we'll be staying cool and indoors tomorrow. We caught the second half of a birthday party, and I neglected to bring any sunscreen for the little guy. I borrowed some once I noticed he was getting pink, but he burns in about five minutes, so it was already too late. He didn't burn too badly, though-- mostly he was just tired and ready for bed when we got home. It's so cloudy around here most of the time that it's easy to forget about things like that.

He picked up this spiffy fireman's hat at the party. Doesn't he look handsome?

Other big news today-- we went out and bought him his first tricycle and a helmet to go with it. It's a shiny red Radio Flyer with streamers on the handlebars: everything else had Dora the Explorer or various Disney characters plastered all over it, and you know how I am about that sort of thing. (I haven't had a television that gets reception-- not even basic channels-- for over ten years now, to give those of you who don't know me personally some idea of what I'm talking about. I do have an entire room devoted to nothing but books, however. My children are doomed to be hopelessly uncool.) We'll be taking Connor's new wheels down to Good Samaritan some time next week to have them modified so he can eventually ride on his own. I can't believe that he's big enough to even fit on a tricycle, let alone ride it on his own-- it doesn't seem possible that he's growing up that quickly!
Now that he has both a fireman's hat and transportation, he can dash off to help whenever he deems the cats need assistance, such as when they're sleeping in the middle of the floor. We barely managed to restrain ourselves from getting him the really loud squeaky horn, too, but ended up figuring that him running over the cats' tails repeatedly would probably be torture enough for them-- no need to add extremely loud scary noises to the mix. Sound the alarm-- Connor's coming to the rescue!


Ellen said...

Oh, soooo cute!
Max has a Radio Flyer tricycle, we got some adaptive stuff to help him—a back support and special pedals. He's done really well with it, I keep meaning to post a photo on the blog.

Anonymous said...

The hat is one of the best fire hats I've seen for our little tykes. Connor is so handsome!

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